Senate Bill 4

For Immediate Release
March 19, 2024

Montgomery County Sheriff and District Attorney Issue a Joint Statement Concerning
Senate Bill 4

Sheriff Rand Henderson and District Attorney Brett Ligon issue the following statement regarding 
Senate Bill 4, also known as SB 4.

As of March 19, 2024, SB 4 has the force of the law. As such, The Montgomery County Sheriff’s 
Office and the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office will collaborate to ensure the 
equitable and lawful enforcement of SB 4. Our primary focus continues to be safeguarding our 
community and upholding laws that enhance public safety.

POC Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office
Lieutenant Scott Spencer

POC Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office
First Assistant District Attorney Michael Holley

Information Source
Lieutenant Scott Spencer
Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office
Administrative Services Division

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