Organized Crime Unit

Organized Crime Unit

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Organized Crime Unit’s primary mission is to investigate and prosecute criminal enterprises. This highly specialized unit allows the Sheriff’s office to work in close coordination with other agencies to share resources and bring criminals to justice quickly, efficiently and effectively. Sheriff Rand Henderson authorizes the specialized unit to investigate organized criminal activity that crosses city, town and county borders. Details of these investigations and the identities of authorities involved, as well as the identity of the person(s) or group(s) being investigated, are generally kept confidential until an arrest or indictment has been filed.

What is organized crime?

“Organized criminal activity” is any combination of activities or conspiracy to engage in activities that constitute “engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity.”

Examples include:
  • Narcotics Trafficking
  • Gambling
  • Human Trafficking – Prostitution/Promoting Prostitution
  • Money Laundering
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Special Investigations


Mission Statement

The mission of the unit is to identify, investigate, arrest, and prosecute persons who commit offenses under Texas Legal Statutes as well as others that violate the public trust. The unit engages in traditional methods of investigation and, where appropriate, conducts undercover operations that will result in effective prosecution before the courts in Montgomery County and the State of Texas.

The Organized Crime Unit targets specific types of organized crime that most impact Montgomery County and the surrounding community.

For questions, call (936) 538-3299