Crime Laboratory Section

The Crime Laboratory Section, referred to as the Crime Lab, is responsible for forensic support of all Divisions and units of the Sheriff’s Office along with other Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice agencies from around Montgomery County.  A Lieutenant and two Sergeants supervise nine Crime Scene Investigators (CSIs), one Firearms Examiner, one Property and Evidence Supervisor, six full-time Evidence Technicians and one Fingerprint/ID Clerk, and one deputy.  The Lieutenant, Sergeants, CSIs, and deputy are certified peace officers.  The Firearms Examiner, Property and Evidence Supervisor, Evidence Technicians and Clerks comprise the civilian staff. 

The Crime Lab has members who are recognized experts in fingerprint identification, blood spatter analysis, digital analysis, skeletal remains recovery, photography, firearm and toolmark examinations, crime scene investigation, evidence handling, evidence storage, and evidence disposition.  Each investigator and technician regularly attends training seminars, conferences, and symposiums to remain current in techniques and procedures. Some courses taken over the year are:

  • Crime Scene Documentation,
  • Photography I and II,
  • Fingerprint Examination – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced,
  • Firearms and Toolmark Examinations,
  • Bloodstain Pattern Analysis,
  • Electronic Evidence Analysis (includes; cell phone, computer and video) and
  • Property & Evidence Tech annual training and certifications.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Crime Lab's primary function is to collect and examine forensic evidence in connection with a crime. This is accomplished by responding to crime scenes and conducting examinations of the scenes for forensic evidence such as blood spatter, fingerprints, trace evidence, and ballistic evidence. The scene can be documented through crime scene sketches, compiled by detailed measurements, video and photography. Photos processed utilizing the photo lab; a fully functional lab where digital, black and white and color photos are developed. In addition, various types of evidence submitted daily by other officers of the department to the Crime Lab are processed and examined. The Crime Scene Investigator will then report on the examination of the evidence and provide testimony as to the conclusions of the examinations in a court of law.


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