Real Time Crime Center

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Real Time Crime Center delivers actionable intelligence data to deputies in the field. This information can then be used in the prevention and solution of crime and to enhance the efficiency and safety of our deputies. Intelligence Analysts work together to access multiple commercial and government databases, review and link disparate data elements then rapidly deliver results. This allows first responders and investigators to spend less time researching information and more time in the field helping the public.

The RTCC functions proactively. Analysts keep a constant watch on calls for service that come into the emergency dispatch center. As those calls come in they are reviewed for a combination of analytical viability and urgency. Based on information provided by the caller, the analysts begin their research and push as much intelligence information as possible to responding deputies before they arrive. Analysts continue to refine and produce additional information based on subsequent facts as deputies interact with persons on the scene. Video access even allows analysts to put “eyes on” certain calls for service. The RTCC uses specialized software that correlates our CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch), radio system and any available video sources. Using the software, an analyst who selects a call for service will automatically be linked to the closest available camera and a video feed will be initiated on their screen. Using this technology, analysts will be able to provide valuable details directly from the scene to responding units as soon as a call comes in. 

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