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Public safety and security is everyone’s concern

Join us in our new Community Connect crime reduction initiative: CAP Guardian. By establishing a partnership with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, you can selectively share your security video feeds directly with Sheriff Henderson’s Real Time Crime Center (RTCC). 
Why Participate?

Reduced Response Times

Deputies will have access to suspect and vehicle descriptions before they arrive at your business. This assists in approach tactics, citizen and deputy safety, and suspect apprehension.

Increased Security
Security cameras can increase safety and reduce the risk of robbery, theft, and vandalism for your business. Community Connect initiatives like CAP Guardian in other communities have helped deter crime at participating businesses.

Smoother Investigations
Recorded video can be shared immediately. No waiting. No transfers. No permissions. Easy access to your select video will allow analysts at the Sheriff’s RTCC to provide comprehensive intelligence packets that will aid in rapid follow-up investigations and the prosecution of criminals.

Genetec LogoStratocast™, a cloud-based video monitoring service from Genetec, is easy to deploy and offers greater security through HD video surveillance. Hosted on Microsoft Azure®, Stratocast requires less hardware to install and maintain, lowering overall costs. Simply deploy your cameras and securely connect to Stratocast. Because recorded video is stored in the cloud, it is safe from physical damage and secure from unauthorized access.

 How it works

Genetec camera how-it-works
Contact a program partner to install a compatible camera system. Monitor your video from anywhere at any time using a web client or mobile app. Provide a direct connection to any camera(s) you choose to share.


The following vendors have been evaluated by Genetec and were found to be qualified to install video equipment compatible with the CAP Guardian Project requirements. This list is subject to change. 


Preferred Technologies, LLC


Tim Howell

for questions about cap guardian
Contact: Katricia Hortman
Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office
Phone: (936) 760-5879

Together we can reduce crime and the fear of crime in our neighborhoods.


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