Crisis Negotiations Team

Crisis Negotiations Team
CNT1The Crisis Negotiations Team is a specialized unit in the Homeland Security Division, comprised of veteran deputies specifically trained to respond to incidents involving hostages and barricaded subjects involved in serious criminal activity.  CNT attempts to negotiate a peaceful resolution of a crisis through the effective implementation of ongoing dialog.

CNT responds as a team and is only deployed in this team concept.  Each team member is selected based upon a variety of criteria, including that member’s unique skill set, work ethic, life experiences, and ability to demonstrate active listening and communication skills.  Each team member has a primary duty assignment (patrol, CID, etc.) and volunteers their efforts to be trained and serve as a part of the Crisis Negotiation Team.  The MCSO CNT unit maintains a high level of competence and is always on-call, ready to be deployed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

CNT3.1CNT4.1MCSO has provided CNT with state-of-the-art equipment and training to prepare the team to respond effectively to any call for service where needed.   Focused training is presented each month, and each tactical call for service is reviewed for enhancing the capability of the team in preparing for the next incident.  MCSO’s CNT is truly “the best of the best”. CNT Commander Lt. John Sanchez can be reached through communications at 936-760-5800.