Cold Case

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Cold Case Squad was formed in 2006 and is staffed with one senior detective. Extensive research took place in order to establish the number of unsolved cold cases under the Sheriff’s Office jurisdiction. 

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Cold Case Squad is responsible for all cold case investigations along with assisting MCSO detectives, County and District Attorneys, as well as other law enforcement agencies within Montgomery County and the State of Texas. The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Cold Case detective is progressive and forward-thinking, utilizing numerous resources, databases along with the use of county, state, and private laboratories and recently Parabon Snapshot – DNA Phenotyping. Cold Case detectives follow the course of events and the facts as they develop while maintaining old fashion police work ethics and the belief that all cold cases are solvable.

The link below will take you to an Adobe Acrobat file containing all cold cases on file with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.  Note that the file is approximately 4 Mb and may take some time to open if your Internet connection is not high speed.  This file will be updated periodically with new information when it becomes available so check back often to view these changes.

Solved Cold Cases (Updated 09/13/2022)
Unsolved Cold Cases (Updated 08/16/2023)

If you have information that you would like to share please contact:

Detective Fadi Rizk or call (936) 760-5820