Chaplain Corps


The mission of the Chaplain is to assist in upholding the highest standards of professionalism and integrity for all deputies and employees in their service to our community. To that goal, the Chaplaincy program of the Sheriff’s Department serves in two main areas within the department.

The first and primary responsibility of the Chaplain is towards the members of the department in guidance through counseling, encouragement, and personal involvement in their daily activities and professional career as a member of the law enforcement community. The services of the Chaplain are also available to the families of departmental personnel.

Secondly, the Chaplain also serves to assist our community by being a liaison between the department and the community in times of crisis and ministry need. He is available to offer assistance to crime victims or family members affected by crisis incidents, as well as working as a bridge to local clergy and social service organizations. Additionally, our Chaplain participates in community activity events and other activities that would enhance our community and build stronger relationships between the public and our department.

A Civilian Chaplain Corps is part of our departmental services. Any licensed or ordained minister of a church or faith-based organization who has an interest in this area is encouraged to contact the Chaplain Corps for further information.