COMPSTAT, or computer statistics leverages technology through data to allow law enforcement to make informed decisions, make a timely analysis of crime patterns and hot spots, and gauge the effectiveness of solutions implemented through the philosophy of Community Policing. 

COMPSTAT allows leaders to focus their efforts in the right area at the right time with select practices which are more cost-effective than flooding an area with Deputies. Through COMPSTAT, these leaders and their team will be measured by their response to problems in a quantifiable way. 

COMPSTAT and Community Policing complement each other through their joint emphasis on identification of problems before they become full-blown. This idea leverages the use of information to gain an advantage by collaborating solutions which are then implemented and assessed for their effectiveness.

With the strategies of COMPSTAT and Community Policing interlocked, the community and a law enforcement agency can foresee problems at relatively the same time and be able to measure the outcomes of their collaborations with quantification on a real-time (or near-real-time) basis. In addition, COMPSTAT can determine whether or not a concern has been eliminated or simply been displaced from one community to another.