Community Action Partners

Sheriff Rand Henderson needs YOU!

CAPs-3D-leftAs a citizen or business owner in Montgomery County, you have your finger on the pulse of events in our community that we at the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office may not have an awareness of. We need PARTNERS and you are invited to join our CAPs team!

Our Community Action Partners interact with the Sheriff's Office in a two-way dialogue. Sheriff Henderson believes this is crucial for providing professional public safety to our community. You’ll be asked to share your thoughts and hear the most current efforts and future plans involving your Sheriff’s Office. You’ll also be asked to partner with us in addressing community concerns.

Complete an action survey to be notified of when Sheriff Henderson, or one of his command staff members, will be hosting a CAPs event. During the event meeting, you’ll get up-to-date, accurate information and have an opportunity to speak directly to those who can address the items most important to you. You’ll also be given a chance to join the CAPs team as a participating Partner. As a Community Action Partner, you’ll get a number of items for your home or business that identifies you as a Partner. You'll also get direct access to the “CAPs Login” page on the Sheriff’s Office website for information not available to the general public. In addition, a Montgomery County Sheriff's Office “CAPs” identification card will be issued to you, showing your partnership with the Sheriff’s Office and your support of Montgomery County’s law enforcement community.

Join Sheriff Rand Henderson and the dedicated men and women of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office by becoming a Community Action Partner.

For general inquiries, contact:

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