For Immediate Release
October 7, 2022

MCTXSheriff Investigates Hit-and-Run Crash

MCTXSheriff has been asked for details surrounding a hit-and-run accident that happened in The Woodlands area on September 26, 2022 where the father of the victim is reporting his actions to investigate the incident to local media outlets. We would like to share the following to help our community better understand this situation.

First, our thoughts and prayers are with the victim and his family as they prepare for a long recovery due to the injuries sustained.

Although it might not be seen, investigations involve activities not seen or recognized by community members. In this situation, the investigating Deputy conducted the initial investigation on the day of the crash. The next day was his regularly scheduled day off when he learned the victim’s injuries were more severe than initially reported. On that day, his day off, he wrote a supplement report to update the information so it could reflect what was learned after further medical examinations.

As the investigation continued, a secondary Deputy met with the suspect and her mother, who came forward. On the same day, within 72 hours of the crash, the primary investigator met with the suspect, obtained her confession, filed a subpoena for the victim’s medical record, and then sent the completed case investigation to the County Attorney’s Office for prosecution.

The County Attorney’s Office, which manages all juvenile cases, reviewed the case and accepted the felony charge of Failure to Stop and Render Aid against the juvenile.

We are empathetic to the victim in this incident, and to ensure justice was served, a thorough and complete investigation was conducted by our Deputies without unreasonable delay. Please understand that criminal investigations often take more time than a victim would like; however, our due diligence can ensure that criminal cases meet the required threshold required by law.

In this case, the investigation was completed in a timely manner and sent to the County Attorney’s office within three days.

Information Source
Specialist Steve Squier
Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office
Administrative Services Division

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