Montgomery County Radio Shop maintains fixed infrastructure, mobile / portable communications equipment, mobile data terminals, and in-car video systems. In addition to these functions, we also perform first echelon repair service on out of warranty equipment, and installation and removal of mobile radios and equipment for Montgomery County agencies and outside Public Safety agencies located in Montgomery County who are users of our system. 
The Radio Shop is a not-for-profit shop. The Radio Shop does NOT ship your equipment to repair facilities for repair and does NOT stock parts and equipment for supply or resale to any agency.

Appointments are available for service from 8a-4p every day. Drive up requests for service will be handled on a case by case basis and may be handled after scheduled work if deemed necessary.

Submitting a Work Order Request

  1. If an issue arises and it’s after hours or there’s no answer at the Radio Shop, send an email to, with the Work Request filled out and attached.  The Work Request system allows us to operate more efficiently and provides valuable documentation for future improvements and budget planning. A scribbled note left on the dashboard is a poor substitute and does not create an opportunity for the radio tech to immediately ask for clarification or update you on progress.
  2. If an issue arises during normal shop hours, call the Radio Shop, explain the problem, and see if a technician is available to help.  If not, you will be able to make an appointment for another time when the technician is available or you may fill out the Work Request and submit it via email.
  3. Batteries fail, antennas break, carrying cases rip, and microphones can stop working.  It is strongly recommended that you still call ahead of time, just to be sure someone is in the shop to help you.  Technicians are regularly out in the field at our tower sites, and we wouldn’t want you to waste time and resources.
  4. The area/parking spots in front of the Radio Shop is for Radio Shop employee parking only.  When dropping off a vehicle, we ask that it be parked in the lot between the Radio Shop and Fleet Ops.

Click to access the Radio Shop Fleet Work Order Request Form (updated 07/07/2022)