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We have all heard the cliché “complacency kills”. This is the very thing that any officer that has been on the street for any length of time encounters. We ALL get complacent at one time or another. Officers must remind themselves to take the routine out of the routine call, this is the time we are most vulnerable. In today’s society and an increase in ambush style attacks, routine will get us killed. Mentally prepare yourself to handle any call regardless of what priority the call is given. Being mentally prepared for a worst case scenario for each call, might very well save your life.

September 26, 2018
“An Arizona man who reportedly shot at police officers after allegedly stealing a bottle of milk from a Walmart store was fatally shot when officers returned fire, authorities said. Officers from the Peoria (AZ) Police Department responded to a call of a possible shoplifting at around 1800 local time and, upon arrival, came under fire from a gunman—later identified as 20-year-old Michael Stout—who was then shot by responding officers, police said. Officers provided medical assistance to Stout, but he died after being transported to a nearby hospital, according to Fox News.”

Train for each and every type of scenario you might come across and visualize the different outcomes that could result from your actions. Get together with you shift partners and help each other overcome the dilemma that is the routine call.

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