Academy Rules

Academy Rules
  1. Dress Code: Students are only allowed to wear a Departmental issued uniform, BDU style pants, jeans, collared shirt or business casual attire. T-shirts, shorts and warm up style pants will be approved for physical fitness training and defensive tactics training.

  2. Weapons: Weapons MUST be worn while in uniform. If dressed in civilian attire, your badge MUST be displayed clearly visible to the Academy Staff. An instructor may require you to secure your weapon outside the building for safety reasons.

  3. Electronic Equipment: The use of photographic or recording equipment is strictly PROHIBITED. Cellular phones will be set on vibrate alert during classroom instruction.

  4. Smoking/ Tobacco: Tobacco use is prohibited in all Montgomery County buildings. Smoking is prohibited no closer than 20 feet from an access door during scheduled breaks. Students will use the designated smoking area across the street by the risers. 

  5. Parking: All students will utilize the designated Academy parking area located on the east side of the building. Parking on the west side of the building is for the Academy Staff ONLY.

  6. Class Attendance: All students must report for class at the time and place required. The student must be physically and mentally fit to perform the assigned duties. The student should be properly equipped for training.

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Updated 06/17/2022