Customer Survey

In an effort to continue providing the highest quality of service to our customers we serve, our agency is asking for your input.  This feedback will be used to evaluate the quality of our services and effectiveness of our employees.  Completed surveys shall be submitted electronically to the Crime Laboratory Quality Manager

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Instructions: For each statement below, indicate your level of agreement by checking the corresponding boxes.
Statement Excellent  Satisfactory Poor N/A
1)  Was the laboratory staff helpful
      in responding to your questions?
2)  Was the Property and Evidence
      Section personnel efficient in submission
      and/or release of property?
3)  Are the laboratory reports
     comprehensive and understandable?
4)  What is your level of satisfaction
     regarding turnaround time of your services?
5)  How professional was/were the
      staff members you encountered?
6)  Overall, what is your level of
      satisfaction of the service you received?
Additional Comments: Please provide feedback (positive or negative) on your experiences with the
Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Crime Laboratory and suggestions for improving services.



If you are experiencing trouble submitting this form please contact Stephanie Luehr at (936) 538-3741 or Sgt. Leslie McCauley at (936) 538-3413