October 27, 2022


"Promotions & Awards Ceremony" with Patch

October 27, 2022
9055 Airport Rd, Conroe, TX 77303
Bluebonnet Room



Headed by Sheriff Rand Henderson
James Hook, Captain, Homeland Security Division

Jail Division
Headed by Major Andrew Eason
Christopher Deiss, Civilian Detention Sergeant
Kody Wall, Civilian Detention Sergeant

Administrative Services Division
Headed by Major Tim Cannon
Ashley Wiley, Human Resources Manager
Bethanie Carr, Human Resources Specialist II
Stephen Walker, Specialist
Alyssa Childers, Administrative Assistant

Patrol East Division
Headed by Captain Melvin Franklin
Jacob Eisenmenger, Sergeant
John Godden, Sergeant
Lee Knudsen, Sergeant
Samuel Harrison, Detective

Patrol West Division
Headed by Captain Kenneth Dunlap
Kirsten Olowinski, Deputy-Specialist
William Southern, Deputy

Criminal Investigations Division 
Headed by Captain Dan Norris
Jessica Wright, Quality Control Manager
Christina Lumpkin, Property and Evidence Manager
Joseph Culp, Crime Scene Investigator
Corey Rice, Crime Scene Investigator
Joshua Leal, Detective
Brannock Snellgrove, Detective
Jacob Rodgers, Deputy-Specialist

Homeland Security Division
Headed by Captain James Hook
Donald Golsby, Lieutenant
Brandon Boyd, Deputy-Specialist
Caleb Hinchey, Deputy-Specialist

Executive Division 
Headed by Captain Mac McKelvy
Jodi Palmer, Supervisor
Angela Voss, Intelligence Analyst
Taylor Hunt, Records Specialist II
Lacey Lehmann, Records Specialist II

Law Enforcement Services Division
Headed by Captain Jimmy Malmay
Robert Kortlang, Lead Mechanic
Lance Sparks, Lead Maintenance Technician
Kyle Simmons, Inventory Control Specialist

Finance Division
Headed by Director Carol Shipman
Robert Kortlang, Lead Mechanic
Asher Pasechnick, Administrative Assistant



Combat Cross
Sergeant Federico Cano
Deputy Matthew Wyatt
Deputy Dominic Trevino
Deputy Ricardo Garza
Deputy Tim Silva
Deputy Jeremy Smith

On October 31st, 2021, units from the South Precinct were dispatched to a shots fired call at a residence in The Woodlands. While in route to the call, dispatch aired notes that a male was reportedly shot at the location and provided the suspected shooter’s information and vehicle description.
Shortly thereafter, Sergeant Federico Cano sighted the suspected vehicle and attempted to stop it but the vehicle began to evade. During this pursuit, the driver of the fleeing vehicle stopped in the roadway, put his vehicle in reverse, and intentionally rammed Sergeant Cano’s patrol vehicle, disabling it. The suspect then continued to evade and was pursued by other patrol units.
The driver fled to a nearby apartment complex where he ran inside an apartment. Sergeant Cano, along with Deputies Matthew Wyatt, Dominic Trevino, Ricardo Garza, Timothy Silva, and Jeremy Smith, set up a perimeter around the apartment in which the suspect fled into. As they approached the apartment, the suspect exited and discharged his firearm at the deputies.
Deputies returned fire in an attempt to neutralize the threat and the suspect quickly retreated back into the apartment. These deputies put themselves at great risk while assisting in moving nearby apartment tenants to a safe location. They continued to hold the perimeter until relieved by the MCSO Special Weapons and Tactics and Crisis Negotiation Teams.
Sergeant Cano, Deputy Wyatt, Deputy Trevino, Deputy Garza, Deputy Silva, and Deputy Smith all acted professionally when dealing with and encountering an armed adversary. They conducted their duties while facing an imminent threat to their personal safety and demonstrated their bravery and selfless acts of courage.

Professional Award
Sergeant Randall Anderson
Sergeant Michael Berry

During a traffic contact initiated by Sergeant Michael Berry, a 34-year old male driver finally stopped after a brief pursuit. The driver was very confused and nervous. Sergeant Berry conducted a standard field sobriety test which indicated a heightened level of intoxication, however Sergeant Berry was not confident in the result, especially when the driver blew a 0.000 on a preliminary breath test. Sergeant Randall Anderson, certified as a Drug Recognition Expert, was asked to conduct secondary horizontal gaze nystagmus testing along with lack of convergence testing. He advised Sergeant Berry he has never seen nystagmus in a manner that this driver was displaying before. Both sergeants eventually got ahold of the driver’s mother who advised he is illiterate and has several documented cognitive and learning disabilities. She described how his eyes behave in erratic movements when he is nervous, which was much more consistent with what was observed on scene as opposed to intoxication. The driver was released from detention to the mother, who also took possession of the vehicle. Driver was not charged with a crime.
These officers are to be commended for their extraordinary efforts in handling a situation involving a traffic stop with a motorist who did not initially pull his vehicle over and, through their investigative efforts, ultimately learned that he had cognitive disabilities impairing his behavior. Although this motorist exhibited what would be perceived by most as signs of intoxication, their skill level and experience guided them to reach the proper conclusion that his disabilities were what caused his unique behavior. This was an abnormal situation but through diligent handling, they were able to properly recognize this for what it was and consequently place the driver in the care of a family member. Their professionalism and conduct brought credit upon themselves and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

Professional Award

Deputy Joshua Averitt
Deputy-Specialist Clifford Wood

On August 31, 2022, Deputy Joshua Averitt conducted a traffic stop on a U-Haul that was reported as being stolen and was assisted on-scene by K-9 Specialist Clifford Wood. It was noted that inside the U-Haul truck were multiple malnourished and injured dogs in kennels contaminated by their own urine and feces. Several dogs were severely injured and all had no food or water.
The driver and passenger were detained and one was discovered to have multiple warrants out from various agencies. The investigation by Deputy Averitt and Specialist Wood revealed the wanted person had multiple cases out of the Houston Police Department for running a business claiming to transport dogs cross-county, but never actually delivering them and selling them herself. It was discovered the animals in the vehicle were indeed stolen and worth thousands of dollars. It was the diligence and persistence of Deputy Averitt and Specialist Wood during their six (6) hour investigation that enabled the horrid treatment of these animals to end and be returned to their rightful owners.

Professional Award
Deputy Christopher Arnold
Deputy Jeffery Lackey
Deputy Tony Madison

On February 11, 2022, Deputies Christopher Arnold and Jeffery Lackey were dispatched to a theft at the Tiffany & Company jewelry store located within the Market Street shopping district in The Woodlands. Deputies learned a male suspect had obtained two rings, ran out of the store, and drove away from the Market Street shopping area. The value of the rings was determined to be $128,900.00.
While processing the scene, these deputies were able to locate latent prints and a single facial hair, all of which were submitted as evidence.
Detective Tony Madison was assigned this case and, as part of his investigation, a forensics match was found on the single facial hair. The match identified a male in Houston, who also matched the physical descriptors of the suspect who took the rings. Additionally, it was found this suspect had twelve (12) active felony warrants through multiple agencies, including an incident where he was in a shootout with employees at a jewelry store in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Two of the warrants were for Aggravated Robbery and Aggravated Theft through MCSO. Detective Madison contacted the Gulf Coast Violent Offenders Task Force and on July 1, 2022, the suspect was located in Houston and taken into custody.
Multiple agencies were involved in investigating the suspects criminal activities. Detective Madison, Deputy Arnold and Deputy Lackey displayed great teamwork from the moment the investigation began until the time of the suspect’s arrest in cooperating and coordinating with all the agencies involved with not only this event, but also all the events prompted by the suspect in the jurisdiction of the other agencies.
Detective Madison, Deputy Arnold and Deputy Lackey are shining examples of what stands on that thin blue line daily and guards Montgomery County from crime and violence.

Compassionate Award
Deputy Robert Burkett

On May 19th, 2022, Deputy Robert Burkett was assisting another MCSO unit at a traffic stop when he observed the driver with a one-year-old child in the backseat secured in a car seat that was in very poor condition, held together by zip ties and clearly unsafe for the child. In observing and speaking with the driver, it was apparent to Deputy Burkett the driver was enduring a financial struggle. This compassionate deputy immediately went to a Walmart, which happened to be closed, spoke with the staff and explained the driver’s situation, and was able to personally purchase a new car seat with his own funds. Deputy Burkett returned to the traffic stop and installed the car seat for the child. This Deputy’s actions are above and beyond Sheriff Henderson’s promise to the community that our deputies will be compassionate to the people we serve, and Deputy Robert Burkett’s actions are hereby recognized.

Compassionate Award
Deputy Jarod Drew

On July 8th, 2022, Deputy Jared Drew was dispatched to a Welfare Check, whereby upon arrival found an elderly couple and their two-year-old grandson having vehicle troubles on the side of the road. The grandfather had just gotten out of the hospital with a partially amputated foot, and the family was having some difficult times. Deputy Drew attempted to help start the family’s vehicle with a jump box, but was unsuccessful. He then went to a local gas station and purchased a set of jumper cables, returned to the scene, and got the vehicle running so the family could return home. Deputy Drew clearly demonstrated the Sheriff’s Office core value of compassion which is so important to our agency’s mission.

Compassionate Award
Deputy Kevin Barnes

On July 12th, 2022, Deputy Kevin Barnes observed a driver having car trouble on a busy roadway during rush hour traffic. It was learned the vehicle had run out of gas. Deputy Barnes pushed the vehicle into a parking lot and purchased a gas can and gas for the driver to assist them on their way. This driver later posted a picture of Deputy Barnes on their Facebook page, publicly acknowledging their appreciation for his response to ensure the driver’s safety.

Compassionate Award
Deputy Brady Farr

On August 4th, 2022, Deputy Brady Farr responded to a Welfare Check concerning juveniles operating an ATV. Deputy Farr located the juveniles who were attempting to get to a pond to fish but noted the ATV had lost its brakes. Deputy Farr helped the juveniles repair the brakes on their ATV to ensure the safety of these young people. Deputy Farr checked in on them later and supported their end-of-summer efforts by purchasing lemonade from their home-made stand.

Professional & Compassionate Awards
Deputy Austin Porter

On April 4th, 2022, Deputy Austin Porter responded to a call where a male was reporting to be the victim of a Cyber Crime. Shortly after taking the report and leaving the scene, a second call was received at the same address where the father of the victim reported his son had just shot himself. Deputy Porter returned to the residence and found the original victim had sustained a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The victim’s family was naturally hysterical and Deputy Porter was able to calm them down while at the same time providing first aid to the victim. Tragically, the victim did not survive, but Deputy Porter’s actions that day were so noted by the family they reached out to him and asked if he would attend their loved one’s funeral. Other deputies and detectives on-scene also noted Deputy Porter’s actions that day went above and beyond in assisting this traumatized family. Deputy Austin Porter embodied the core values of both Professionalism and Compassion.

Professional & Compassionate Awards
Deputy Jacob Rodgers

On June 22nd, 2022, Deputy Jacob Rogers responded to a call where a male juvenile was being strangled by his drunk father. Deputy Rogers arrived on location and quickly stabilized the scene. Arriving family members were very impressed with the professionalism of Deputy Rogers that evening. The assaulted juvenile and his younger brother were released to those family members.
Deputy Rogers, though working night shift, contacted the victim’s mother the next day and assisted her in setting up an appointment at Children’s Safe Harbor for a forensic interview. He met the family there to support them and contacted Children’s Protective Services so an investigation by that agency could begin. Deputy Rogers worked tirelessly to keep the family updated and collected enough evidence to obtain an arrest warrant for the victim’s father.
As noted by Detention Officer Blake, whose family was involved in this situation, “I have seen many officers do their jobs but few in my experience deserve to be recognized for their excellence as Deputy Rodgers should. This is just an example of his continued commitment to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and the citizens he serves. We need more just like him.”

Professional & Compassionate Awards
Deputy Brandon Boyd
Deputy Lauren Homeyer
Deputy Dominique Elrod

On July 17th, 2022 Deputies Boyd, Homeyer, and Elrod responded to a call involving a pediatric cardiac arrest due to drowning. Prior to first responders arriving the 3-year old victim was found unresponsive in the bottom of a pool. Other agency first responders clearly noted the chaotic scene, understandably caused by the family’s extreme emotional stress from finding the unresponsive child and witnessing CPR being administered.
While attempting to resuscitate the child, Deputy Boyd assisted by Deputy Elrod assumed critical roles in assisting with CPR protocol by continuing chest compressions on the child when they were needed. A Paramedic on scene later wrote, “I noticed Deputy Brandon Boyd taking the initiative with providing the best assistance for our young patient.” Deputy Homeyer and Deputy Elrod managed this emotionally charged scene and were able to calm family members during this tragic ordeal. Each deputy’s positive actions that day had a direct impact on how our community sees us as deputies, as well as human beings.
While the outcome of the emergency medical care provided by paramedics and first responders was tragic, Deputies Boyd, Homeyer, and Elrod’s actions that day show the compassionate and professional spirit embraced by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

Compassionate Award
Detention Officer Jeremiah Dowden

Professional Award
Deputy-Specialist Amy Blackwelder
Deputy-Specialist Anson Drake

On September 6, 2022, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office deputies along with assisting agencies responded to the National Forest regarding a missing male who was described as being suicidal. Detention Officer Dowden, while off-duty, heard of this incident and responded to the scene to assist. Upon learning that horses could be useful in the search DO Dowden began to enlist the help of other civilians and made arrangements to bring some horses to the scene. Deputy Specialists Drake and Blackwelder arrived on scene and organized a search plan utilizing their training and experience, and within about an hour they, along with DO Dowden and other volunteers were able to locate the missing male. The coordination efforts of DO Dowden with the expertise and leadership of Specialists Drake and Blackwelder were essential to the successful conclusion of this event.

Life Saving Award

Deputy Nicholas Hoge
Deputy Troy Moseley

On July 8th, 2022, 911 Dispatch received multiple calls about a female lying on top of the concrete wall of the Grand Parkway flyover above Interstate 69, an overpass that is about 60-feet above the ground. Deputies Hoge and Moseley responded and located the female, who had not yet noticed their arrival. These deputies were able to approach her by stealth, grab her and bring her to safety. She informed Deputies Hoge and Moseley that she was “working up the nerve” to jump off the bridge.
Disregarding their own safety and working quietly and quickly, they were able to pull her from the wall and get her transported to a local hospital for a mental health evalution. Deputy Nicholas Hoge and Deputy Troy Moseley are to be commended for their lifesaving response.

Life Saving Award
Detention Officer Russell Cater
Detention Officer Richard Mabrey
Detention Officer Jason Neal
Detention Officer Johnathan Hollen

On August 27, 2022, MCSO Jail staff members were notified of an attempted suicide in the housing area of B-Quad where an inmate was reported unresponsive. Detention Officers Cater, Mabrey, Neal and Hollen quickly responded and administered CPR and First Aid. The inmate began breathing as a result of the actions of these officers and was taken to the hospital by EMS for further treatment. Cater, Mabrey, Neal, and Hollen did not panic and quickly moved into action where their training and effective action saved a life. These dedicated detention officers are prime examples of the high level of care and competence provided to all of our inmate population.

Meritorious Service Award
Sergeant Lee Smith

For more than twenty (20) years, Sergeant Lee Smith has possessed an unwavering dedication to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Field Training Officer (FTO) Program. In those two (2) plus decades, his work has led countless numbers of successful deputies who have now excelled in their own careers.
Currently serving as MCSO Field Training Coordinator, Sergeant Smith is in a position to take our FTO Program to a higher level. Recognizing the current and dated FTO reporting system was not only difficult to use, but also required several layers of redundancy with paper copies, Sergeant Smith began researching new systems, testing their feasibility, and sat through numerous vendor and product meetings to identify which system would best meet MCSO’s growing FTO needs.
Ultimately, the SHIELD LEFTA system was selected as the most efficient, cost-effective, and mission-essential product, and Sergeant Smith then began a testing phase to bring the system online for use. After testing the new program, he then had to implement a new training process for FTOs and their trainees. As if that were not enough for training new employees in Patrol, Sergeant Smith was also able to assist with the FTO programs in the Jail, Records, Dispatch, and with the new Sergeant’s FTO training. It is noted the SHIELD LEFTA system brought on board by Sergeant Smith not only lifts our FTO training forward, it has also led to a significant budgetary savings over the previous system.

Special Recognitions
Sergeant Randall Anderson
Deputy-Specialist Kristin Olowinski
Deputy Michael Aldrich
Deputy Anthony Ashley
Deputy Tiffany Fry
Deputy Ryan Graves
Deputy Brian Smith
Deputy Matthew Wyatt

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is proud to have been recognized by MADD Texas (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) during the July 2022 “Take the Wheel” banquet. It is through the continued hard work of our deputies who diligently and passionately go out every day with the mission of making our communities a better place. Thanks to the work of these deputies, not only were potential innocent victims saved from the life-altering, and often life-ending, tragedies we often see related to DWI-related incidents- but the suspects who were arrested may have also been saved from the same fates