October 19, 2021


"Promotions & Awards Ceremony" with Patch

October 19, 2021
9055 Airport Rd, Conroe, TX 77303
Bluebonnet Room



Headed by Sheriff Rand Henderson
Damon Hall, Chief Deputy
Andrew Eason, Major, Jail Division
Tim Cannon, Major, Administrative Services Division

Patrol East Division
Headed by Captain Melvin Franklin
Cody Lowery, Sergeant

The Woodlands Township Division
Headed by Captain Tim Holifield
Kellar Martin, Deputy

Executive Division 
Headed by Captain Mac McKelvy
Caitlyn Navarro, Records Specialist II
Micah Cathey, Digital, Electronic and Social Media Specialist

Law Enforcement Services Division
Headed by Captain Jimmy Malmay
Ashtin Wells, Administrative Assistant


Patrol West Division
Headed by Captain Kenneth Dunlap
Amy Blackwelder, Specialist
Anson Drake, Specialist
Lockey Murray, Specialist
Kyle Stone, Specialist

Homeland Security Division
Headed by Chief Deputy Damon Hall
Steven McDonald, Specialist



Professional and Compassionate Award
Deputy Brady Farr

On May 27, 2021, Deputy Brady Farr responded to a Welfare Check. An elderly female on location did not have running water or electricity and lived alone. The home was hot due to outside temperatures and she was unable to flush her full toilets. On his way to the call, Deputy Farr stopped and purchased six gallons of water, out of his own pocket, and brought it to the female. Once on scene, Deputy Farr filled the elderly female’s toilets and made sure they flushed properly. Deputy Farr also paid, out of his own pocket, for the elderly female to be able to stay a few nights at a local hotel. The case was referred to Adult Protective Services. Deputy Farr went above and beyond the call of duty and showed compassion toward the elderly citizen in need by purchasing the water and paying for the hotel out of his own pocket. 

Compassionate Award
Detective Donna Rippley

On March 18, 2021, following the conclusion of an MCSO SWAT/Crisis Negotiations incident due to an officer-involved shooting, Detective Donna Rippley was assigned as an investigator on the case assigned to the Homicide/Violent Crimes Unit. While on scene, Detective Rippley’s interaction with the witnesses, victims, and bystanders can only be described as being handled with the highest degree of professionalism and personal care. The spouse of the shooter in this case was an elderly woman who needed assistance with routine activities. Detective Rippley made telephone calls to ensure someone was available to assist her and even assisted her to the restroom during the multi-hour investigation. Detective Rippley also personally removed debris from the roadway, which included large pieces of broken glass and nails, to prevent neighborhood residents from possibly damaging their vehicles. 

Detective Rippley’s actions on the scene of this investigation far exceeded the expectations of her supervisors and coworkers and are a testament to her sense of duty and dedication to the citizens of Montgomery County and the Sheriff’s Office. Detective Rippley’s actions on the scene that night are examples of the PACT that the Sheriff’s Office holds with the community. Detective Rippley’s actions that night were “Professional, Accountable, Compassionate and Trusted in word and deed.” Detective Rippley should be recognized and commended for her service.

Compassionate Award
Analyst Jennifer Parker

On May 10, 2021, while Analyst Jennifer Parker was working her assigned shift in the Real Time Crime Center, a call referencing a Splendora PD officer in crisis appeared on the call screen. Analyst Parker recognized the telephone number in the call slip as that of her friend who worked for Splendora PD.  Analyst Parker attempted to contact the officer by phone and text in order to gain information in reference to the officer’s location. Guided by Sergeant Mike Evans and Detective Donna Rippley in communication with the officer to keep the officer engaged, Analyst Parker was able to calmly relay information, even though the situation was greatly upsetting to her. Analyst Parker played an integral role in communicating with this officer during her crisis to obtain necessary information and share available resources for assistance.

Compassionate Award
Deputy Stephen Mitchell

On July 17, 2021, MCSO deputies were dispatched to assist a female caller who stated a man on the property had threatened her and her boyfriend with a shotgun and a sword, telling them they were leaving his property, dead or alive. Upon arriving on scene, deputies learned there were also two young children in the house with the female and her boyfriend. The female victim, her boyfriend, and the two young children were able to escape the house with nothing but the clothes they were wearing, not even shoes. Later, at a secure location, deputies learned the family had come from Tennessee to stay with the suspect and had no family or friends in the area. Their wallets, money, and IDs were all left at the house they were forced to flee. Victim’s Assistance was able to get the family a hotel room for two nights, but nothing else. Deputy Stephen Mitchell was troubled by this, as the family had no way to get food, clothing, or shoes. Deputy Mitchell obtained a $150 prepaid credit card for the family out of his own pocket. After providing the credit card to the family, Deputy Mitchell stated, “This is why I do this job.” Deputy Mitchell embodies what the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office stands for and his compassion for the public that he protects is immense..

Compassionate Award
Deputy Corey Brummett

On August 6, 2021, Deputy Corey Brummett responded to a welfare check for an elderly female who was going to her neighbor’s house for help. Upon arriving on scene, Deputy Brummett made contact with an elderly female riding down the street in her wheelchair. Deputy Brummett spoke with the elderly female, who advised him she had not eaten and she was hungry. Deputy Brummett then went to the store and purchased, with his own money, bread, lunch meat and cheese, so the elderly female would have something to eat. Deputy Brummett went above and beyond his normal duties and showed compassion for the elderly female.

Unit Citation Award
Lieutenant Steve Dresel
Lieutenant Jeremiah Richards
Sergeant Michael Page
Detention Sergeant Samuel Almazan
Detention Sergeant Allen Beckham
Detention Sergeant Kimberly Davis
Specialist Angelica Galcyznski
Deputy Stephanie Sorrells
Detention Officer Kenneth Axmaker
Detention Officer Larry Clements
Detention Officer Francisco Cortez
Detention Officer Octavio Lopez
Detention Officer Rex Morris
Detention Officer Kevin Ramos
Detention Officer Talisha Raney
Detention Officer Carol Robinson
Detention Officer Erika Serrato
Detention Officer William Southern
Detention Officer Shawn Thierry
Detention Officer Viola Thierry
Detention Officer Priya Venkatamariah
Detention Officer Kody Wall
Detention Officer Alexi Wallace

In June 2021, Sheriff Rand Henderson answered Governor Abbott’s call for jailers across the state to assist border sheriffs with operating detention facilities to process and house those arrested for state charges related to the border crisis. Multiple detention officers and jail sergeants volunteered and were deployed to Del Rio, Texas for two weeks at a time to work at the Temporary Processing Center established through collaboration between the Texas Department of Emergency Management, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, the Val Verde County Sheriff’s Office, Texas National Guard, and the Texas Department of Public Safety. This multi-agency cooperative was named Operation Lone Star. The MCSO staff working at the processing facility worked with the Texas Office of Court Administration to have the detainees magistrated. One of the translators, Mrs. Maria de Villiers, submitted a letter commending the staff at the processing facility.  This is a quote from the letter: “I am addressing you to commend the diligent, competent, and professional work you are doing and, without which, none of this would be possible. You are the solid ground all of us are standing on and you have my sincere gratitude and respect.”

Lifesaving Award
Deputy Jacob Currington

On June 20, 2021, Deputy Jacob Currington responded to a 911 Call at in Magnolia, Texas. The female caller reported she had been attacked by a dog on her property and was in need of help. While Deputy Currington was enroute to the scene, the call notes were updated to indicate the female caller stated she felt as if her arm was going to fall off and she was going to bleed to death.  Upon arrival, Deputy Currington deployed with his tourniquet in hand and discovered the female in the back yard with a severe wound to her right forearm, bleeding profusely, with an open fracture. Deputy Currington was able to successfully administer his tourniquet to the upper portion of the female’s right arm, assisted her to a patio chair and elevated her arm until Medics arrived. Due to the rapid response and quick medical attention provided by Deputy Currington, the female is healing and expected to recover. It is with extreme thanks that she and the MCSO recognize Deputy Currington for his actions on June 20, 2021. In an email to Sheriff Henderson, the female advised she will always remember this incident and wishes to express her deepest gratitude, as she believes she would not have survived had her call for help not been answered in a timely manner and with such care and concern.

Lifesaving Award
Deputy Daniel Hernandez
Deputy Pedro Herrera
Deputy Christopher Kelley
Deputy Nathan Kern
Deputy Devin Mayes
Deputy Jacob Moore

On August 1, 2021, District 2 deputies were dispatched to a wrong-way driver traveling southbound in the northbound lanes on Interstate 45, which had caused a head-on collision. Prior to EMS or Fire arriving on scene, Deputies provided excellent evacuation measures to get the trapped occupants out of the truck, which was actively on fire. Captain Anthony McConnell of the Harris County Vehicular Crimes Division was on his way home when this incident occurred and submitted a letter providing his witness account. As he arrived on scene, he witnessed MCSO Sheriff’s Deputies and Shenandoah PD officers placing injured people on the ground and returning to the wreckage to help those still trapped. Several Officers and Deputies were attempting to put out the fire, even reaching into the vehicle to spray fire extinguishers at the trapped driver’s feet as the fire continued to threaten the driver’s safety.  Deputies were unable to get the driver’s door open and, ultimately, had to be extracted through the window of the truck.

Captain McConnell stated he was very impressed with the inter-agency cooperation and tenacity he witnessed. He believes without a doubt, had any less effort been used, the driver would have burned on that scene before the first fire truck arrived. Captain McConnell also stated, “though this was a tragic event that caused the deaths of two people, without the actions of your staff, there would have been more deaths. Your people acted with the utmost professionalism, courage, and persistence.”

Meritorious Service Award
Records Supervisor Kim Mayfield

In February 2017, Kim Mayfield was promoted to a supervisory position over the Records unit. In her new role, one of her primary responsibilities was to see that our agency become National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) complaint. Becoming NIBRS complaint is anything but an easy process. Kim not only had to learn how to code NIBRS Incidents, but she also worked with Law Enforcement IT to set up NIBRS translation tables for integration. Kim’s ability to learn all the NIBRS requirements and standards, as well as teaching her staff and other agencies has been nothing short of amazing.  In addition, Kim did all of this while continuing to supervise the Records unit. Due to all of Kim’s hard work and dedication, the agency received its compliance letter from DPS on December 7, 2020, well before the state’s deadline of January 2021.