May 27, 2021


"Promotions & Awards Ceremony" with Patch

May 27, 2021
9055 Airport Rd, Conroe, TX 77303
Bluebonnet Room



Patrol East Division
Headed by Captain Melvin Franklin
Michael Cross, Sergeant
Robert Layman, Sergeant
Kenneth Provenzano, Sergeant
Keith Billiris, Detective
Kristopher Dossey, Detective
Marcus Duval Jr., Detective
Prudencio Ochoa III, Detective
Christopher Rose, Detective

Patrol West Division
Headed by Captain Kenneth Dunlap
Kevin Hataway, Specialist
Jonathan Merlos, Specialist

Jail Division
Headed by Captain Andrew Eason
Allen Beckham, Detention Sergeant
Kyle Greene, Detention Sergeant
Jeromy Guthrie, Detention Sergeant

Executive Division 
Headed by Captain Mac McKelvy
Douglass Carr, Dispatch Supervisor
Mylissa Hopkins, Intelligence Analyst

Administrative Services Division
Headed by Captain Tim Cannon
Thomas Hudson, Specialist

Homeland Security Division
Headed by Captain Damon Hall
Jordan Pankratz, Specialist
Clifford Wood, Specialist

Law Enforcement Services Division
Headed by Captain Jimmy Malmay
Eric Whapham, Mechanic III
Damon Brooks, Radio Tech II



Employees with 30 Years of Service

Keith Echols

 Employees with 25 Years of Service

Danny Dickson
Amy Guidry
Damon Hall
Jennifer Kettler
Lee Smith

Stephanie Sorrells
Phillip Viands

Employees with 20 Years of Service

Shawn Dickensheets
Keith Funderburk
Paul Hahs
Jennifer Heimer
Kevin Isaacks
Stephanie Logan
Michael Plata
James Reed
Molly Rickard
Christopher Tate
Michael Uber
Kristy Veith

Employees with 15 Years of Service

Crystal Badeaux
Brandon Baines
Tammie Gonzales
Miranda Hahs
Stephanie Hall
David Hernandez
Katricia Hortman
Jennifer Horvath
Kyle Koonce
Mari Lambrecht
Brian Lennon
Henry Lowe
John Lumpkin
Scott Martin
Todd McCoy
Benjamin Nichols
Kenneth Provenzano
Charles Rivette
Ryan Savage

Devin Steffen
Clay Swilling
Audrey Terrell
Gregory Turner
Charlene Vand
Brett Veith
Christopher Voris
Rebecca Voss
Joshua Wroten

Employees with 10 Years of Service

Moamen Abdelbaky
Brian Aguilar
Shawn Beatty
Keith Berger
Amy Blackwelder
Kellie Christiansen
Trenia Collins
Aaron Day
Mike Evans
David Foreman
James Francis
Jason Hopper
Stephen Jones
Stephanie Lee
Michael Lee
Brett Logan
Johnathan Logan
Jonathan Merlos
Alexis Montes
Cortney Poe
Jason Poorman
Jason Prince
Landon Slatter
Steven Squier
Kyle Stone
Teresa Stone
April Veith

Employees with 5 Years of Service

Kelly Abdelbaky
Stephanie Burkett
Robert Burkett
Jacob Butler
Dimitri Carpenter
David Carter
Micah Cathey
Jennifer Clausen
Elizabeth Curry
Kaleb Davis
Charlotte Doucet
Todd Ellis
Emily Folkes
Christina Forman
Robin Garcia
Elaine Hamilton
Kevin Hataway
Abigail Hernandez
Ashley Hilgers
Andrew Hilgers
Nicholas Hoge
Mylissa Hopkins
Tiffany Keith
Travis Koenig
Blake Lapaglia
Neva Leinweber
Daniel Lewis
Ryan McCarty
Charles McDonald
Kaleigh Nunn
Justin Painter
Magdalena Pickering
Edward Robinson
Megan Romine
Riley Schuster
Maivi Sorian-Morales
Michael Sparks
Ricardo Uresti
Rogelio Vargas
Jennifer Victor
Bryan Wallace
Cory Watson
Joy Williams
Shawn Yates




Community Action Partner Award
Walmart 297
23561 US Highway 59
Porter, Texas 77357

Walmart 297 proves to be a testament to the Community Action Partner concept. Over the years, Manager James Bond has donated his time and items from his store to support the needs of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. 2020 proved to be a challenging year, from the COVID-19 pandemic to natural disasters. Through the difficulties, our friends at Walmart relentlessly reached out to the Sheriff’s Office to provide masks, numerous cases of water, food, and much more. In October of 2020, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office held its annual Food Drive. As in prior years, Walmart allowed the agency to stand at their doors to meet and greet their patrons and community members who aided in droves. During the holiday season, Manager James Bond contributed to Feed the Families for the Holiday. The goal of the project was to feed six families in need. James and his Walmart staff provided gift cards and a considerable amount of food for Thanksgiving and days of leftovers. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office couldn’t ask for better Community Action Partners than Walmart and their extraordinary community-oriented managers and staff.

Community Action Partner Award
Sam’s Club 6367
9665 FM 1960 Bypass Rd. W
Humble, Texas 77338

For the past three years, Sam’s Club has stood faithfully with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office assisting with our annual Sharing is Caring Food Drive. When the COVID-19 Pandemic hit our nation, the Sheriff’s Office sadly rescheduled the event. Many retail outlets went through a great deal of strain working to adapt to the new normal. Nonetheless, General Manager Eric Hartley and his staff were ready to answer the call for the food drive. Each participating individual went out of their way to furnish the agency with essential items such as paper products, water, snacks, and cleaning supplies. The event was a tremendous success due to their efforts. It is because of extraordinary and community-oriented people like Eric Hartley and the organization of Sam’s Club that the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office can do so much for our community. True stewards of their word, we are proud to call them Community Action Partners.

Community Action Partner Award
HEB 759
19529 Northpark Dr.
Kingwood, Texas 77339

For the Thanksgiving Holiday of 2020, Patrol East District 3 composed a Feed the Families Program designed to feed six (6) families in need. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office worked with New Caney ISD and Splendora ISD to locate these families needing a helping hand during the season. HEB’s Community Coordinator Cynthia Perez and Manager Blake Willenborg supplied gift cards for six hams and turkeys. Moreover, our Community Action Partners included an extra gift card to cover any missed items for the perfect Thanksgiving spread. With the help of HEB, each family received a full and robust meal with leftovers concluding in a successful holiday dinner. HEB’s strong values of community involvement, along with their staff like Blake Willenborg and Cynthia Perez, create some of the best Community Action Partners appreciated by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

Community Action Partner Award
Kroger 138
22030 Market Place Dr.
New Caney, Texas 77357

Kroger 138 Store Manager Justin Cavanaugh has served the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office for many years, offering valued assistance with anything requested. Justin and his team constantly partner with the Sheriff’s Office to meet the needs of the community. At the latter portion of October 2020, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office held a food drive. As in the prior years, Kroger allowed us to stand at their front doors to meet and greet their patrons who assisted in droves. Before the holidays, Sergeant David Miller reached out to Justin for our “Feed the Families for the Holiday” program. The goal of this program was to feed six families. With the help of local school districts, we compiled information to locate families truly in need. Justin and his staff stepped up to the plate once again, gathering items to make this event successful. All of the six families enjoyed a very filling Thanksgiving meal and leftovers. For Thanksgiving, Justin reached out to offer an abundance of pies that Kroger had prepared for the holidays. Working together as Community Action Partners, we distributed the pies to several offices. These offices included the Tax Office, Judge Dunn’s Office, our local DPS Office, Precinct 4 Constables Office, the County Clerk’s Office, and several other community members.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office could not collaborate with a better Community Action Partner than our friends at Kroger. It is because of their exceptional community-oriented staff that, together, we can provide such excellent service to our community.

Community Action Partner Award
Home Depot 6523
23575 US Highway 59
Porter, Texas 77365

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Patrol East District 3 extends its sincere gratitude to Manager Erin Maxey of the Home Depot. This store has supported law enforcement for many years, assisting with community events such as the Sharing is Caring Food Drive and times of need during severe weather. The COVID-19 Pandemic crippled many local businesses. Regardless, Home Depot supplied disinfectant spray, hand sanitizer, masks, and other needs to assist wherever they could. To begin the year of 2021, Erin has delivered Chick-Fil-A Meals for our entire Patrol B Shift, once again demonstrating the strengths of a Community Action Partner. Erin and her staff at the Porter Home Depot truly make a positive difference within our community.

Professional Award
Detention Sergeant Kimberly Anderson
Detention Sergeant Kimberly Davis

Detention Sergeants Kimberly Davis and Kimberly Anderson designed and prepared a Suicide Prevention Pocket Guide for the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Jail. With resources for employees, this book offers guidance in handling critical incident stress during the course of their duties. Detention Sergeants Davis and Anderson produced a product that will save the lives of the inmate population. In addition, this product will also assist in employee mental health and educate staff on the integral role they play at the Sheriff’s Office.

Compassionate Award
Telecommunicator Robert Devillier, Telecommunicator Tamara Domingue, Intelligence Analyst Mylissa Hopkins, Deputy David Carter, Deputy Aaron Day, Deputy Jennifer Griffin, Deputy Alex Hons, Deputy Stephen Jones, Deputy Zachary Kraft, Deputy Neva Leinweber, Deputy Frank  Pearson, Deputy Joe Thomason, Detective Kyle Koonce, Detective Thomas Lambert, CSI Erin Vasquez, Sergeant Leslie McCauley, Sergeant Jack Valenzuela, and Sergeant Philip Viands

In March 2021, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office responded to a murder-suicide at a local apartment complex. This call required many simultaneous moving parts among personnel for an extended length of time to achieve a safe, thorough, and professional investigation. Supervisors reported there couldn’t have been a better group of people working that case. Each individual ensured a quick response, established scene security, separated witnesses, and assisted property management, all with minimal supervision. The Community Manager reports: “Sunday was a tragic event, and I could not have asked for a better group. They went above and beyond in so many ways....One officer went and bought juice for the little girl while another officer stayed by her side. A different officer and detective assisted me with the media to help me keep the crime scene closed until biohazard could get there.... EVERY ONE of them was amazing.”

Compassionate Award
Specialist Steven Squier
Specialist Lee Knudsen

As part of Sheriff Henderson’s Core Values, known as “PACT” is the emphasis on Compassion. The importance of the statement “We will seek to understand and improve our community beyond line-of-duty interactions through volunteer service and community engagement” was embraced by Specialists Steve Squier and Lee Knudsen in March 2021.

After the massive hard freeze in Texas in February 2021, multiple busted water pipes damaged an elderly Montgomery County resident’s home. This 82-year-old lady was known to these two deputies as being a highly active volunteer within our county. Living alone, she also was not of a nature to ask for assistance. For weeks after the freeze, this resident lived quietly in her residence without running water. When Squier and Knudsen discovered her situation, they immediately marshaled assistance leading an effort to repair her water lines and make her house more livable. Their work provided relief in a dire situation. Their compassionate heart provided comfort to this woman whom herself has served so many others during her life.

Compassionate Award
Detective Donna Rippley

On April 13, 2021, Homicide and Violent Crimes Detective Donna Rippley was assigned a Missing Person (Endangered) case involving a 75-year-old female, believed to have the beginning stages of Dementia. Detective Rippley recognized the seriousness of this case and began an immediate investigation by reviewing all information provided by patrol deputies on the scene. She verified all information and ensured the missing person TLETS entry was complete and accurate while distributing the missing person flyer appropriately.

After hours, and not on call, Detective Rippley received information that Shiner Police Department had located the missing female at a gas station. Detective Rippley coordinated with the on-duty Shiner PD Sergeant and agreed to make the 85- mile trip to meet and transport the missing person back to her family. Detective Rippley doggedly followed up on every lead, stayed in constant communication with the family, and exceeded the standard protocol for a “missing person adult case.” She acted on her experience and intuition, ultimately leading to the successful recovery of the missing person. Detective Rippley routinely goes above and beyond on every case assigned. She is a true example of compassion for the citizens of our community.

Compassionate Award
Deputy Aaron Day
Deputy Frank Pearson

Conroe Independent School District Superintendent, Dr. Curtis Null, advised the Sheriff’s office of a phone call he received from a veteran teacher concerning a Child Protective Services (CPS) case. After many years of dedication, this teacher stated she had experienced “the hardest day she had ever had in education.” Shaken, she reported the only thing that got her through were Deputies Aaron Day and Frank Pearson, complimenting their patience and professionalism. It is men and women within our agency like these two who exemplify our core values as guiding principles to achieve our mission and vision. Their service and commitment are essential to this county’s children, who count on them for safety and protection. They are leaders and examples to their peers.

Unit Citation
Montgomery County Narcotics Enforcement Team

A little over a year ago, the Montgomery County Narcotics Enforcement Team (MOCONET) initiated a new concept in investigating overdose incidents and deaths. This innovation consisted of using relatively new Texas legislation to file criminal charges on drug dealers who sell or provide narcotics to individuals that cause death or serious bodily injury. These overdose investigations have merged two major investigative components of the Sheriff’s Office, Homicide and Violent Crimes detectives and narcotic investigators, to work together. Where there is sufficient evidence in an overdose investigation to pursue either the person or an organization responsible for delivering the controlled substance, the narcotic investigators are now working hand-in-hand with the homicide investigator to pursue not only criminal charges against the dealer but also to shut down and disassemble drug pipelines and networks. MOCONET overdose investigations have garnered the attention of local, regional, and national agencies with the completion of successful investigations and prosecutions. Though accolades and interests from other law enforcement agencies with “how-to” inquiries are satisfying, the most rewarding thanks have come from the families of those victims that succumbed to drug use.

In a recent Victim Impact Statement:
“It’s unbelievable the hole his death has created in our lives as each day is filled with reminders of dreams for him never to come… Though our family is fractured, our spirit is not broken. We hope this process and what’s happened here today helps other families. If this helps spare one, just one beloved son, brother, sister, mother, or father in the future, then justice has been done. Thank you, Montgomery County narcotics officers and the district attorney’s office for your efforts to keep our community safe. Thanks for possibly giving someone else a tomorrow…”

Quoted from another statement:
“I wanted to thank (investigators) for the outstanding investigation and prosecution of the dealer that sold my family member the drugs that ended his young life… Although it is a sad day for me, it gives me pride in our law enforcement and judicial family to know there are detectives and ADA’s… that care about people’s lives.”

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is proud of this team’s accomplishments and look for this program to set a blueprint for other agencies as they develop similar programs.

Unit Citation Award

Specialist Tim Boerema, Bethanie Carr, Specialist Craig Favorat,
Specialist Brian Lennon, Specialist Malissa Westerfield

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing media presentations of social injustice movements across the country have presented numerous challenges across the law enforcement field. The past twelve months have tested the ability of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Recruiting Unit to efficiently and thoroughly locate, recruit, and process qualified applicants. Recruiting in law enforcement was challenged to the extreme, mandating creative and innovative recruiting ideas and solutions.

The Recruiting Unit stepped up to these challenges by adjusting traditional methods and implementing new strategies to maintain the search for high-quality applicants for the agency. The Recruiting Unit attended public events to maximize their ongoing efforts, presenting the best-qualified personnel as potential employees. For example, during a recent recruiting endeavor, the Recruiting Unit spent 11 consecutive days at the Montgomery County Fair and Rodeo, where approximately 90 applications were received. As a result of this and many other innovative efforts, the Recruiting Unit has successfully met the personnel requirements needed to staff the Sheriff’s Office.

Lifesaving Award
Deputy Devin Mayes
Deputy Bradley Gober

In December 2020, a crash occurred with a wrong-way driver on Interstate 45. Upon arrival, Deputies Devin Mayes and Bradley Gober took immediate action by holding a little girl’s severely injured head, thus saving her life. Due to the large number of victims involved in this crash, it took some time for EMS personnel to take over the medical care from the deputies. The little girl’s wound was significant enough for her to be life-flighted from the hospital to downtown Houston. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office recognizes both deputies going above and beyond to save a life.

Lifesaving Award
Deputy Adam Johnson

In February 2021, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch aired an Industrial Accident call where notes stated a male building a fence had sustained an injury from. Dispatch aired notes that a male was building a fence and sustained an injury from a circular-type saw on his arm. Deputy Adam Johnson arrived on scene and observed the male to have major injuries on his arm, causing massive blood loss. Deputy Johnson immediately applied a tourniquet to the male’s arm, ultimately stopping the bleeding. Realizing MCHD nor the Fire Department was on the scene, Deputy Johnson retrieved his issued tourniquet. Deputy Johnson applied the tourniquet to the uppermost part of the male’s arm, ultimately stopping the bleed. Fire personnel commended the tourniquet application stating that Deputy Johnson’s quick response saved the victim’s life. Emergency personnel rushed the victim to the ER and into surgery, where he later made a full recovery. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s office, along with the nursing staff and the original medics on the scene, proudly commend Deputy Johnson’s lifesaving actions.

Lifesaving Award
Deputy Shawn Yates

In December 2020, emergency responders with Magnolia Fire Department, Montgomery County Hospital District, and Montgomery County Sheriff's Office responded to an accidental shooting in the Magnolia area. A Captain with the Magnolia Volunteer Fire Department Engine 181observed two Sheriff's Office Deputies ahead of their unit to make location first. Deputy Shawn Yates was the first responder to make patient contact and applied a tourniquet to the patient. Upon assessing the tourniquet, it was determined to have been used correctly and placed at the optimal location. The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office and the Magnolia Volunteer Fire Department commend the incredible professionalism and lifesaving knowledge of Deputy Yates.

Lifesaving Award
Deputy Ken Hiebert

In April 2020, Deputy Kenneth Hiebert and his partner pursued a moped driven by a suspect who robbed two juvenile females at gunpoint. The pursuit terminated when the driver crashed into a large tree and landed on his back in some nearby landscaping. Deputy Hiebert exited his patrol vehicle and checked the suspect's vital signs. Upon finding no pulse, Deputy Hiebert immediately removed the suspect from the landscaping and began performing chest compressions as other medical staff arrived on the scene. Had Deputy Hiebert not immediately began performing chest compressions, the investigation would have had an entirely different ending. Despite the dangerous situation the suspect created for citizens and officers, both by his actions in the robbery and the pursuit, Deputy Hiebert did not hesitate to act in a lifesaving manner.

Meritorious Service Award
Specialist Brian Lennon

In 2007, Specialist Brian Lennon introduced and established a self-funded program dedicated to teaching women self-defense concepts and techniques. Lennon began the Rape Aggression Defense program (RAD) as an after-hours proactive community initiative as a certified instructor. Since 2007, the program has expanded swiftly, leading the Sheriff's Office to certify multiple other instructors, increase the number of classes and locations, and expand the type of classes provided. Currently, between basic and advanced courses, there are on average 12-18 classes a year, often more, with 13 instructors and two civilian instructors. Lennon has also obtained additional certifications, some at his own cost, to include Advanced, Children, and Senior curriculum, enabling him to instruct classes geared toward specialized groups. Specialist Lennon has remained a continued presence and instructs classes while supporting other instructors. According to the current coordinator, Lennon is the driving force behind the program's efforts to expand and create large-scale courses for high school and college-age students and family members. Reaching multiple campuses, these classes equip females with essential skills for personal defense and peace of mind. Lennon addresses potential needs required for this scale of instruction, providing meals out of his pocket or contacting local businesses happy to donate food, supplies, and meeting places.

Brian Lennon established a beneficial program for our citizens above and beyond his expected duties requiring an untold amount of time and strategic planning. The program has continued to thrive 13 years later, a noteworthy feat and a much-needed community outreach in these turbulent times. The continued professionalism and trust that goes into this type of program are crucial to the integrity and effectiveness of its community outreach, which its current success demonstrates is evident.

Meritorious Service
Chaplain Jake Gonzales

Chaplain Gonzales was appointed a Patrol Chaplain for the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office in 2004 and has served in that capacity for 17 years. During his service, Chaplain Gonzales has quietly and efficiently served Sheriff's Office employees and citizens of Montgomery County by providing outstanding personal service. Chaplain Gonzales has sat in the passenger seat of many patrol vehicles for ride-alongs, building relationships with many that endure to this day. He is contacted continuously by those with whom he has built solid trust, counseled employees through difficult times, and ministered to the community in times of crisis.

At 3 pm or 3 am, you will find Chaplain Gonzales standing at a scene, sitting at a table, or bowing in prayer with someone whose life is being touched with his generous heart. Chaplain Gonzales has never stood in the spotlight or garnished attention. He is one of those stalwart "behind-the-scenes" troops who continuously contribute to our team's effort to make an event or a life better. He has offered his solid counsel to untold numbers of people, many of whom have given public testimony to supervisors of his credibility, humility, and professionalism.

Chaplain Gonzales is a volunteer and has never received any monetary compensation for his commitment to the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office. He repeatedly contributes hours upon hours of his time to the service of our agency. Additionally, Chaplain Gonzales has spent much of his own time and finances attending specialized training to provide high-quality Chaplain Services. His love for our law enforcement family is well known, and his expertise is counted on by many. Chaplain Jake Gonzales consistently embodies the values of the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office. His actions and exemplary personal conduct reflect favorably upon our personnel and the agency.

PACT Award of Excellence
Human Resources Specialist Ashley Wiley

Human Resources Specialist Ashley Wiley began employment in April 2020; within a few weeks, Specialist Wiley quickly took on multiple projects left unattended by recent attrition. For several months as the COVID-19 pandemic kicked in, Specialist Wiley worked diligently with our former HR Manager to establish department protocols and guidelines concerning this new COVID work environment. Specialist Wiley worked on developing procedures and improving personnel flow dynamics, explicitly concerning Light Duty, Workers Compensation, and the Family Medical Leave protocols. Additionally, Specialist Wiley assisted County HR with the new county-wide INFOR/Workforce Planning Management System, attending multiple meetings and aided in developing frameworks within the system.

In December of 2020, Specialist Wiley had to take over all of the HR Manager's responsibilities. She invested herself totally, learning the HR Manager's job in conjunction with all of her other duties that she was still acquiring and developing. Ashely has since continued her vast development of processes that have created a very efficient and effective Human Resource environment. No problems have arisen that Specialist Wiley has not addressed without first providing a solution. She has acted as the sole proprietor and conservator of information and provides this agency with continual updates of Federal, State, and local Human Resource requirements. She utilizes her keen planning abilities to track employee movements and delivers updates for changes throughout the department. Similar to a chess game, her work takes critical thinking and cooperating with other department units as a team to make sure that personnel are assigned appropriately.

Specialist Wiley was a one-woman show for several months for the entire agency. She has remained a stable presence and go-to person for all of our employees and staff. Ashley has provided consultation and compassion to many employees, especially after crisis events, all while growing her family. She has carried the entire agency and Human Resource environment on her shoulders. As of March 2021, Specialist Wiley has also stepped into the training role to fully train and bring up to speed the new HR Manager. Specialist Wiley has met all four requirements of the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office core values. That being Professional, Accountable, Compassionate, and Trusted in all ways, shapes, and forms truly deserving the PACT Award of Excellence.