May 17, 2022


"Promotions & Awards Ceremony" with Patch

May 17, 2022
9055 Airport Rd, Conroe, TX 77303
Bluebonnet Room



Employees with 34 Years of Service

Dan Norris

 Employees with 30 Years of Service

Thomas Gannucci
David Miller
Kimberly Pardue

Employees with 25 Years of Service

Robert Albritton
Scott Altemus
David Haines

Randy Lewis

Employees with 20 Years of Service

Steven Cranston
Mandy Curry
Richard Hickey
Todd Hoff
Eric Hoffman

Jermaine Jenkins
Aaron Lozano
Chad May
Tony Messina
Jeremiah Richards

Anneliese Stafford
George Unterreiner
Russell Waters

Employees with 15 Years of Service

Kimberly Davis
David Everton
Benita Flowers
Jesse Fluellen
Daniel Garner
Michelle Green-Wallace
Jerry Guion
Lisa Hanson
Michael Jackson
Richard Lafont
Aaron Lamphier
David Lasalle
Robert Layman
Tanya Massingill
Ashley Mellon
Steven Ortiz
Fadi Rizk
Randall Salazar
Bobbi Thompson
Mathew Veith
Kenneth Wakefield
Dianna Wilganowski

Employees with 10 Years of Service

Kimberly Anderson
Gina Atkinson
Luke Beauchamp
Keith Billiris
Timothy Boerema
Chad Bowers
Justin Burk
Michael Burnett
James Causey
Patrick Cherry
Jacob Eisenmenger
Hector Estrada
Leslie Fields
Anna Flake

Jeremy Freeman
Angelica Galczynski
Cynthia Gustavsen
Jason Henson
Joshua Hilado
Konrad Janke
Barbara Jenkins
Johnathan Jordan
Jeffery Lackey
Errett Leck
Cody Lowery
Ryan McClintock
Tracy Murphy
Javier Ochoa

Broderick O’Connor
Frank Pearson
Thomas Porter
Jonathan Rascoe
Weldon Richards
Christopher Rose
Danell Sangster
Justin Schutzenhofer
William Sharman
Brian Treille
Jason Turner
Shari Wade
John Warren
Riley Zapf

Employees with 5 Years of Service

Christopher Bailey
Elena Balbuena-Guzman
Tina Birch
Bethanie Carr
Keisha Combs
Francisco Cortez
Jacob Currington
Andrew Folkes
David Gamez
Jennifer Griffin
Nathan Hall
Shauntell Harder
James Hinkel
Nathanial Inmon
Ashleigh Jackson

Curtis Johnson
Stanley Jolly
Cristian Lopez
Devin Mayes
Steven McDonald
Eric Medina
Natalie Miguel
Khyla Moreland
Prudencio Ochoa
Kollin Parker
Juan Resendez
Melissa Ronquillo
Tyler See
Timothy Silva
Austin Stanford

Joshua Stockton
Mitchell Stroh
Cooper Teater
Shawn Thierry
Joe Thomason
Dominic Trevino
Tracey Tunstall
Jason Uhler
Jacob Underwood
Ricardo Uresti
Christopher Wofford
Clifford Wood
Joshua Wright
Alexander Wroski




Patrol East Division
Headed by Captain Melvin Franklin
Sergeant Michael Berry
Sergeant Christopher Evans
Sergeant Tyler Hall
Deputy Zachariah Ziese
Administrative Assistant Abigail Hernandez

Patrol West Division
Headed by Captain Kenneth Dunlap
Detective Roman Ramos
Detective Rogelio Vargas III

The Woodlands Township Division
Headed by Captain Tim Holifield
Sergeant Randall Anderson
Detective Steven Campos

Executive Division 
Headed by Captain Mac McKelvy
Lieutenant Paul Hahs
Intelligence Analyst Hortencia Schneider
Records Supervisor Whitney Walton
Records Specialist II Eric Paige
Warrants Supervisor Donna Greenan
Warrants Supervisor Caitlyn Navarro

Criminal Investigations Division 
Headed by Captain Dan Norris
Lieutenant Leslie McCauley
Sergeant Celestina Rossi
Detective Ryan McClintock
Crime Scene Investigator Adam Calhoun
Crime Victims Liaison Zachary Udkler
Property & Evidence Technician Christina Lumpkin

Administrative Services D Division
Headed by Major Tim Cannon
Specialist Miranda Hahs

Law Enforcement Services Division
Headed by Captain Jimmy Malmay
Mechanic III Michael Strehle
Administrative Assistant Norma Romero


Patrol West Division
Headed by Captain Kenneth Dunlap
Deputy-Specialist Clint Curry
Deputy-Specialist Sam Smith

Homeland Security Division
Headed by Chief Deputy Damon Hall
Deputy-Specialist Cristian Lopez
Deputy-Specialist Mark Cendejas Jr.



Community Action Partner Award
Randy & Raeann Bates
Steve & Luanne Bozeman
Buckalew Chevrolet, Donny Buckalew
Jeff & Robben Cunningham
Barry Donoho
Terrance Maddeaux
Lawson & Sharon Merritt
Jim Morris
Christian Shumate
SPCA Pet SNAP of Montgomery County

In 2010, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office started its first K9 Unit. Working K9s assist in ways other tools cannot. They sweep buildings for explosives, search for narcotics, locate missing persons, apprehend runaway suspects and solve crimes. Much like our deputies, K9s require top-notch outfitting such as customized ballistic vests, specialized training, and suitable housing all of which is expensive. Over the past 12 years, this unit has grown to encompass seven highly trained K9s. This incredible growth could not be possible without the help and support from these Community Action Partners.

Not only are these people generous; they are compassionate. After a long struggle with cancer, the Sheriff’s Office lost one of its tried and true K9s, Hummer. This loss was not in vain, for we learned that these K9s are not only “tools” and lifesaving devices but also trusted partners and best friends. His death brought together community members who showed their love and care for Hummer – something unprecedented and heartfelt. It is an honor and a blessing to know that the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit stays in the thoughts of Community Action Partners such as these. For all of this and more, we thank you and we appreciate you.

Community Action Partner Award
Ronnie Rector

Ronnie Rector first joined our Citizen Academy Alumni family upon his graduation from our Citizen Academy Class 2017.2. Since that time he has continued to be an active member, supporting the organization’s efforts at every chance.

Ronnie has served on the Citizen Academy Alumni Association Board of Directors since 2019. Along with contributing his personal time, Ronnie has put forth personal funds to purchase and manage software that helps organize, communicate, plan events and track volunteer hours for a group comprised of 155 active members.
February 14, 2022, marked the third anniversary of Ronnie serving as the Crime Stoppers Volunteer Assistant Coordinator. As such, Ronnie has given much of his personal time to creating the weekly Crime Stoppers “Featured Felons” publications, assisting with managing the thousands of tips, and serving in any way possible to help relieve demands. To make this effort possible, Ronnie has attended classes required for his access to controlled databases which is normally reserved for paid employees.

In 2020, Ronnie volunteered 335 hours, 473 hours in 2021, and has already volunteered 240 hours this year. In less than two and a half years, Ronnie has served nearly 1,000 hours in various ways to help the mission of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. Ronnie is a trusted and impactful member at the MCSO and the Montgomery County Sheriff Citizen Academy Alumni Association.

Community Action Partner Award

Woodforest Bank
Waste Connections

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office depends on partnerships with our citizens and local businesses to make Montgomery County a safe place to live, work and play. We would like to recognize two of our most loyal and committed partners who have gone above and beyond in our common goal to serve the public. Woodforest Bank and Waste Connections have each championed MCSO’s “Operation Blue Elf.” Operation Blue Elf is our community Christmas project helping to deliver gifts to more than 5,000 children and families since 2017. Their generous donations enabled Operation Blue Elf to expand and provide gifts, such as bicycles, to deserving children. Additionally, employees and staff from these two community partners have helped set up, work, and enjoy the smiles from children during Operation Blue Elf. Woodforest Bank and Waste Connections have shown a commitment to generosity and serving their fellow citizens.

Special Recognition
Law Enforcement Help Desk Supervisor Sid Stephens

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office would like to recognize Sid Stephens for his remarkable work and dedication to the Sheriff’s Office. As a department that relies heavily on technology with strict time constraints, Sid’s continuous help and advice is sincerely appreciated. Sid is always present to offer his professional guidance and skills and is essential to MCSO completing its mission. The Sheriff’s Office relies heavily upon technology and Sid has always helped conquer obstacles as this new technology is learned. No matter what issue or problem, Sid is always extremely courteous, helpful, flexible, and respectful of the importance of our needs and time constraints.

Professional Award
Telecommunicator Mandy Sherman

Deputy Corey Cooke nominated Telecommunicator Mandy Sherman and is quoted as saying:

“On March 18, 2021, I was in an officer-involved shooting, during which I sustained multiple injuries. I look back on this incident with absolute admiration and appreciation for MCSO Dispatcher Mandy Sherman, the telecommunicator working during my critical incident. I’ve tried multiple times to put myself in her shoes and I just can’t. I can’t imagine the thoughts and stress she must have experienced…Without hesitation, Mandy proved to be the calming voice in the sky during moments of chaos.… Mandy’s level of professionalism that night was comforting, letting me know she’d get us the assistance we so desperately needed!”

In recognition of the extreme professionalism Mandy displayed during a critical incident where deputies were under fire, and while knowing Deputy Cooke had been shot; and for the level of service she provided in ensuring other first responders could respond appropriately, Mandy Sherman has our deepest gratitude for taking care of our MCSO family.

Professional Award
Telecommunicator Kimberley McCarty

On July 5, 2021, at 2:01 PM, Telecommunicator Kimberley McCarty received a 911 text call from a man who only texts in Spanish. Kimberly had to utilize a second computer to translate via Google. The subject stated that he needed police, was in a vehicle with other men who had a gun and he believed they were going to kill him. Kimberley kept open communications via text for approximately three hours to ensure the session did not time out. She was assisted by co-workers, who relayed the information to the jurisdictional agencies based on the area the subject was driving. Kimberley was able to obtain pertinent information that assisted Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s deputies in locating the vehicle and removing the reportee from harm’s way.

Professional Award

Specialist Joshua Leal
On July 29, 2021, while conducting interdiction efforts on IH-45, Specialist Joshua Leal stopped a vehicle for speeding and arrested the driver for an Assault Warrant issued in Harris County. While completing an inventory of the vehicle, Specialist Leal located a handgun and controlled substances. Leal also found a bag with a mask, gloves, and a waistband holster for the handgun. Specialist Leal further noted there appeared to be human hair in the bag. Instead of completing the investigation with the warrant arrest, Specialist Leal used the resources of the Real-Time Crime Center, who researched the suspect. RTCC was able to link the suspect to an armed robbery press release in Houston on June 18, 2021. Specialist Leal contacted the detective assigned to the robbery case, and through a combined effort, the suspect was positively identified in the June 18th robbery and linked him to multiple robberies in the City of Houston. Specialist Leal’s performance exemplified the “Professional” core value of the Sheriff’s Office.

Professional Award
Sergeant Cody Lowery
On October 7, 2021, MCSO District 1 units responded to a major accident involving a motorcycle and a pickup truck. Although this was Sergeant Lowery’s first critical incident as a newly promoted supervisor, he arrived on the scene and performed his duties as a seasoned sergeant. Sgt. Lowery was professional while maintaining scene integrity and security; accountable while directing the units under his command and providing clear communication with dispatch; compassionate while empathetically communicating with the family of the deceased on the scene; and finally, trusted where his composure and decision-making ability further established deputies’ confidence in his leadership capabilities. Sgt. Lowery upheld all of the Sheriff’s Office’s core values while performing his responsibilities as a supervisor.

Professional Award
Deputy Shawn Beatty
Detective Brian Fleming
Deputy Jeffery Lackey

On November 22, 2021, Deputy Shawn Beatty responded to a priority call of a robbery in progress at a Walmart. As the female suspect fled the store, she displayed a firearm and threatened a loss prevention officer. The suspect fled the scene before law enforcement arrived. Deputy Beatty was able to recover fingerprints from the scene and submitted them to the Montgomery County Crime Lab for processing.

On November 29, 2021, this robbery case was assigned to Detective Brian Fleming for investigation. On December 14, 2021, the Crime Lab notified Detective Fleming that a suspect was identified based on the fingerprints recovered by Deputy Beatty.

Deputy Jeff Lackey, having responded to the same Walmart on an unrelated incident, learned of the robbery and learned the suspect had been identified in the aggravated robbery from November 22nd. On December 22, 2021, while ending his assigned shift, Deputy Lackey discovered that MCSO East Precinct deputies had several suspects detained at Walmart located on Sawdust Road. Deputy Lackey recognized the name of the suspect detained at the Sawdust Walmart as the same one from the November 22nd robbery. Deputy Lackey contacted Detective Fleming advising him of the current call. Detective Fleming, although off on vacation, did not hesitate to come in and see the job through, giving the loss prevention officer some closure and justice that the crime against him was not forgotten. The suspect was charged with aggravated robbery.

This was an excellent job by all involved. First with Deputy Beatty who recovered undeniable and unique evidence of fingerprints. Second with Deputy Lackey who was vigilant to not only his current calls but also past calls and suspects and creating great community relationships while maintaining clear and open lines of communication. And finally with Detective Fleming who gave up his time off with his own family to come in and immediately filing the aggravated robbery charge on the identified suspect.

Professional Award

Deputy Corey Rice

On February 8, 2022, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office received a disturbance in progress call at an address in New Caney. Deputies Corey Rice and Zachary Rice were dispatched and were advised that a male was assaulting a female. Upon arrival, the suspect advised deputies that nothing had occurred and his girlfriend had left the scene after a verbal argument. After making contact with the witness, it was learned that the suspect was lying and the female was still at the address.

Deputies continued with the investigation and located the victim hiding within the residence. The victim showed signs of trauma and assault. Deputy Corey Rice assured her safety and obtained her confidence when she began to describe her fear of the suspect and admitted to being assaulted for several days. Deputy Corey Rice’s professionalism, thoroughness and patience in this instance saved this victim from a harmful situation and likey prevented future abuse.

Professional Award
Real Time Crime Center Analyst Lori Coberley

On December 8, 2019, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office responded to a deceased person behind a building in Spring, Texas. On December 9, 2019, Intelligence Analyst Lori Coberley reported to work and read the supervisor’s email for the deceased person call. Based upon the information provided, Lori proactively searched for missing persons from Harris County that matched the description of the deceased. Information from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office led to the identification of the victim, leading to the identity of the suspect and another deceased person located in the suspect’s home. In February 2022, the suspect in this case was given a life sentence in TDCJ. Analyst Coberley’s performance exemplified the “Professional” core value of the Sheriff’s Office.

Compassionate Award

Deputy Daniel Hernandez
Deputy Joshua Averitt

On March 6, 2022, Deputy Daniel Hernandez and Deputy Joshua Averitt were dispatched to an assist agency call for a male sleeping near a business. Upon arrival, the male stated he had fallen on hard times and was simply looking for a place to sleep for the night. Deputies Hernandez and Averitt determined that no criminal offense had occurred and decided to purchase a stay at the adjacent motel so the male had a safe place to rest for the night. This is a perfect example of going above and beyond the standard call of duty and is exactly what the PACT awards were created for; demonstrating compassion to the citizens of the county.

Compassionate Award

Lieutenant Clay Swilling

The following is a quote in the nomination letter from Deputy Corey Cooke:
“On March 18, 2021, I, Deputy C. Cooke, was in an officer-involved shooting, during which I sustained multiple physical and mental injuries. Several times a week, I would receive phone calls from Lieutenant Swilling who provided a listening ear and offered to assist my family and me. Lieutenant Swilling proved himself as the voice of reason which kept me focused and motivated during my recovery process. Lieutenant Swilling called my family, offering to assist with peer-to-peer counseling, advice, and assistance with doctor appointments. In my opinion, Lieutenant Swilling took a personal interest in my well-being and did so with consistency and compassion. The most important piece of information is that I’ve never worked with, worked under, or even met Lieutenant Swilling during my 9-year career at MCSO. Lieutenant Swilling showed his true character and love for his fellow officer. Even when they’ve never met.”

Compassionate Award
Deputy Jacob Currington

On January 5, 2022, Deputy Jacob Currington was dispatched to a welfare check advising the caller’s 90-year-old mother had not been heard from since New Year’s Day. Deputy Currington arrived and observed the female lived alone and there was no power at the residence. When speaking to the elderly female, Deputy Currington learned that there was possibly some fraudulent activity occuring with her bank account. Since the female did not have a phone or power and could not use her bank cards, Deputy Currington followed her out of his jurisdiction to her bank to make sure she was not a victim of fraud. After Deputy Currington finished his investigation at the bank he contacted the family and learned the female needed some additional services. Deputy Currington contacted adult protective services, the power company and the bank to get the female the help she needed. Additionally, Deputy Currington checked on the elderly female the next day and remained in contact with her family so they could coordinate efforts. Deputy Currington went above and beyond to make sure the elderly female was properly taken care of.

Compassionate & Trusted Awards
Deputy Samantha Alvarez

On October 18, 2021, Deputy Samantha Alvarez was dispatched to a welfare check. During her callout, Deputy Alvarez learned of two young boys who had been kidnapped by their mother three years prior. Their mother was neglectful and instructed the children to be distrusting of law enforcement. The boys were recently recovered in Florida and given to their grandmother for custody in Texas. Upon meeting the grandmother and her grandchildren, the boys summed up the courage to ask Deputy Alvarez if Santa came to Texas. Their mother had taught them that Santa never goes to Florida. The next day, Deputy Alvarez purchased toys, wrapped them and provided them to the boys. Deputy Alvarez’s actions went above her duties as a patrol deputy and demonstrated the importance of being compassionate and gaining trust in our community.

Unit Citation
Communications Shift Supervisor Douglas Carr
Telecommunicator Leslie Esteves
Telecommunicator Katherine Gregory
Telecommunicator Christopher Grier
Telecommunicator Nicole Homman
Telecommunicator Aubree Howard
Telecommunicator Stacey Jackson
Telecommunicator Mercedes Pittmon
Telecommunicator Forrest Richardson
Telecommunicator Nicole Sullivan
Telecommunicator Allison Torres
Telecommunicator Lynsie Wilson
On October 30, 2021, our telecommunicators faced a very challenging shift. The Spillman System, CAD System, and the entire county network went down, forcing our communications team to work “on paper” for nearly five hours. During that time, call-takers managed a pursuit that turned into a barricaded subject with a standoff. This was a very volatile scene with an MCSO vehicle being rammed, shots being fired in both directions, and coordination with SWAT and other specialized units. All of this was coordinated without the assistance of Spillman, CAD or other typical communications systems. This was an all-hands-on-deck situation, and our employees rose to the occasion and exemplified professionalism.

Individuals who particularly stood out that evening were:

Nicole Homman- Ms. Homman was integral in helping to navigate and fix the technical issues, all while continuing to ensure officers received what they needed during the barricaded standoff.

Allison Torres- this was Ms. Torres’s first ops experience, and she worked through the challenges like a seasoned professional by stepping up and meeting the challenge head-on. Ms. Torres exemplified the values that we strive for.

Mercedes Pittmon- during the phone outage, there were several callers who were Spanish-speaking only. Ms. Pittmon was able to put her personal Spanish speaking skills to assist these callers we otherwise would not have been able to communicate with.

Leslie Esteves– Ms. Esteves was not fully trained at this time, however, she rose to meet the challenge by running back and forth delivering slips to their dispatchers when even the printers wouldn’t work properly. The situation would have been even more difficult if Ms. Esteves had not been filling in that gap.

This challenging night was a team effort and every single call-taker on shift was integral in ensuring that public safety was managed despite profound technical complications. Their hard work does not go unnoticed and we were all safe that night because of them.

Unit Citation
Captain Dan Norris
Lieutenant Paul Hahs
Lieutenant Jermaine Jenkins
Sergeant Brad Curtis
Sergeant Charles Sullivent
Detective Brandon Bartoskewitz
Detective Michael Burnett
Detective Felix Cantu Jr.
Detective Keith Echols
Detective Chris Evans
Detective Jason Hammons
Detective Jeremy Kader
Detective Thomas Lambert
Detective Stephanie Lee
Detective Fadi Rizk
Detective Teri Ross
Detective Burdette Taylor
Detective Kristy Wroten
Administrative Assistant Elena Balbuena

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Homicide-Violent Crimes Unit has repeatedly distinguished itself by its relentless pursuit of justice for the victims of homicide and their families. Their dedication to the citizens of Montgomery County is even more clearly shown in that the unit has maintained a 93.6% homicide clearance rate since 2008, and a 100% clearance rate for the past two years. This outstanding achievement exceeds the national rate by more than 30%. We are incredibly proud of our outstanding Homicide and Violent Crimes Unit, who exemplify what it means to be top-tier professionals in this field.

Lifesaving Award
Deputy Tracy Wade

On October 30, 2021, Deputy Tracy Wade demonstrated “the courage to care” and was assisting with our Fifth Annual Sharing is Caring Food Drive. Deputy Wade was at the Porter Walmart when an SUV pulled up alongside. The father in the driver’s seat indicated his child in the car was choking. Without hesitation, Deputy Wade ran to the car, successfully utilized his training and dislodged a piece of candy allowing the child to breathe.

If it had not been for Deputy Wade’s volunteer time at the Sharing is Caring event and his training, he may not have been present to save this young child’s life.

Lifesaving Award
Deputies Michael Gates and Joshua Wright

On February 2, 2022, Deputies Michael Gates and Joshua Wright were dispatched to a stabbing. Both deputies arrived on scene and located both the victim and the suspect lying outside on the ground actively bleeding from stab wounds.

Gates and Wright began rendering first aid to the injured. Deputy Gates applied a trauma/compression pad to the stab wound on the first person, while Deputy Wright applied a tourniquet to a stab wound on the upper left leg of the second person. Both were transported to local hospitals and later received emergency surgery. Emergency medical personnel advised that due to the deputies taking swift medical aid, the victim would not have survived. Both Deputy Gates and Deputy Wright arrived at a highly stressful and critical situation and did not hesitate to perform their duties.

Lifesaving Award
Detention Sergeant Samuel Almazan
Detention Officer Jeremiah Dowden
Detention Officer Erika Serrato
Detention Officer Parker Tullis

On March 13, 2022, jail and medical staff were summoned to an unresponsive inmate. The staff found the inmate lying on the floor without a pulse. Detention Officers worked alongside the medical team and conducted rotations of CPR life-saving measures and an AED. The inmate was transported to a local hospital where she regained consciousness and is expected to make a full recovery. Because of the poise of the jail and medical staff during this medical emergency, an inmate’s life was saved.

Purple Heart
Deputy Corey Cooke

On March 18, 2021, at approximately 8 PM, deputies from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call with shots being discharged. Upon arrival, Deputies Bowers, Rappleyea, and Cooke began trying to assess the location where the shots were being fired. As deputies approached the possible residence they began receiving gunfire from a 12-gauge shotgun. Due to the extreme darkness and the deputies’ positions near the property, they could see the muzzle blast but were unable to gain a clear picture of the person shooting. Deputy Corey Cooke was struck multiple times in the leg, arm, and face by the shotgun pellets. After being struck, Deputy Cooke was able to return gunfire which caused the suspect to retreat inside the residence. This action allowed deputies to recover and regain better positions with cover. Deputy Cook was able to provide critical information via radio so dispatch and responding deputies could be informed. Law enforcement from across Montgomery County responded to the scene and after several hours the suspect was arrested with no further blood shed. A special thank you is extended to Deputy Cook and his efforts that led to the safety of so many others.

Meritorious Service Award
Payroll Coordinator Amber Ivey

Amber Ivey took on the position of Sheriff’s Office Payroll Coordinator in October of 2019. It didn’t take long for our agency to realize what an asset she is. With over 900 Sheriff’s Office employees who count on their paychecks, she jumped in with both feet.

In January of 2021, Amber began learning about our new payroll system, WFM, and put forth her time and energy in training MCSO employees. On the “go-live” date for the new system, there was a historic snowstorm, shutting down Texas and its power grid. Amber was without power but continued to work. As soon as her electricity was restored she worked diligently and put in tremendous hours correcting mistakes in the system and ensured that all employees were paid on time, regardless of the extremely difficult circumstances.

It has been just over a year since the new system implementation, and in that year, Amber has worked around the clock training employees, answering phone calls, emails and questions, all in the effort to perfect her role in an imperfect system. Amber receives hundreds of calls and emails, and she responds to each and every one of them herself. She takes calls from employees day and night to ensure that our employees are always taken care of.

“Ask Amber” is a phrase many of us at MCSO use regularly. What Amber has helped the Sheriff’s Office accomplish in just a year is something to be proud of. Amber truly upholds the core values of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and her service is vital to each and every one of us.

Meritorious Service Award
Lieutenant Rick Anderson
Lieutenant Richard Anderson recently retired from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office on April 30, 2022. He served as the Crime Laboratory Sergeant from 2007 – 2016. In 2017, Sgt. Anderson was promoted to the Crime Laboratory lieutenant and served in this position until his retirement. Prior to his career with the MCSO, Lt. Anderson worked for and retired from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office after serving 24 years and 7 months as a Crime Scene Investigator, Latent Print Examiner, and Firearms Examiner. He is a certified Latent Print Examiner and certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst and has been recognized numerous times for his excellence in service to Law Enforcement and Forensic Science. He has also served as a president of the Texas Division of the International Association for Identification.

Over the years, Lt. Anderson has served as a teacher, mentor, supervisor, and friend to the MCSO Crime Lab and Property Section, as well as countless friends and colleagues across Texas. His knowledge and passion for Forensic Science are second to none. During his 39 ½ year-long career, Lt. Anderson remained focused on laboratory best practices and furthering Forensic Science, while staying centered on humanity and treating people fairly. Our Crime Lab personnel are stronger for having had his guidance and encouragement throughout his tenure here.

PACT Award Of Excellence
Detectives Max Fruchtnicht and Michael Lee

On February 8, 2022, a CPS caseworker, at Children’s Safe Harbor, met with Detectives Lee and Fruchtnicht in reference to a CPS intake report regarding a man attempting to sex traffic his 5-year-old boy to a male on a website. There was very limited information provided which led CPS to contact our detectives. Detectives Fruchtnicht and Lee immediately took action to assist the CPS caseworker in attempting to identify the suspect and save the child. Detective Fruchtnicht utilized commercial databases and was able to find a possible suspect.

Detective Fruchtnicht began looking on social media, found an account and obtained a Texas driver’s license number for the individual. While Detective Fruchtnicht was working on that, Detective Lee utilized creative investigative techniques on the website in an attempt to locate the profile of the suspect. Through social media, Detective Fruchtnicht was able to confirm that suspect had a 5-year-old son living with him and Detective Lee was able to locate a profile on the website that matched the information from CPS. On this profile was a picture and other identifying information that matched the social media account with the suspect. At this time, the detectives knew they had successfully identified the suspect who had attempted to traffick the child to another male he met on the website. The detectives referred this information immediately to CPS and Walker County Law Enforcement, where the suspect lived. The detectives were informed that Walker County investigators located the child with the suspect at their residence and CPS took immediate custody of the child.

After exhaustive efforts and utilizing multiple investigative strategies and techniques it was confirmed the child was abused. With this information, law enforcement was able to obtain a confession from the suspect. Additionally, detectives learned there were multiple previous incidents of abuse and sex trafficking by the suspect against the child. Based on the investigation thus far, this suspect will be facing multiple charges ranging from super aggravated sexual assault of a child, continuous sexual abuse of a child, possession of child pornography, and possibly child trafficking charges. With the severity of these charges, the suspect is looking at life in prison with no possibility of parole.

This was impressive work by Detectives Fruchtnicht and Lee assisting CPS and locating this individual. If it was not for the immediate assistance of these detectives, this child would still be with the suspect. The dedicated efforts of Fruchtnicht and Lee not only helped place the suspect in jail but also provided an opportunity for this child to grow up in a safe and healthy environment.