May 9, 2023


"Promotions & Awards Ceremony" with Patch

May 9, 2023
9055 Airport Rd, Conroe, TX 77303
Bluebonnet Room



Employees with 35 Years of Service

JD Thomas

 Employees with 30 Years of Service

Rudy Almendarez
James Dodson
Andrew Eason
Timothy Holifield
Kevin Pickerill
Daniel Whitworth

Employees with 25 Years of Service

Brady Fitzgerald
Billy Jordan
Michael Landrum
Richard Meredith
Celestina Rossi

Employees with 20 Years of Service

Jack Armstrong
Felix Cantu
Jake-Paul Gonzales
Stephen Johnson
Paul Lopez-Carpenter
Leslie McCauley
Michael Muratorri
Tammy Rowell
John Sanchez Jr
Aaron Sumrall
Jack Valenzuela
Kristy Wroten

Employees with 15 Years of Service

Matthew Aaron
Jessica Ashmore
Adam Calhoun
Leslie Candelaria
Federico Cano
Kimberly Christensen
Larry Clements
Derek Cogdill
Donna Cotton
Michael Cross
Jeremy Davis
Anson Drake
Jeffery Durrenberger
Christopher Evans
Craig Favorat
Gary Fruge Jr
Patrick Gallagher
John Gregory
Jeffrey Herman
Jason Hills
Eddie Holmes Jr
Jeremy Kader
Cody McKee
Bryan Mittag
Kathy Newlon
Carmen Pady
Ricky Richey
Donna Rippley
Bethany Rivera
Michael Runnels
John Schmitt
Billie Shaw
Dana Smark
Bennie Spaulding Jr
Andrew Swank
Jonathan Walker
Chantal Ward
Dawson Weatherford
Arlen White
Amber Wilson
Zachary Winford

Employees with 10 Years of Service

Alfredo Aguirre
Allen Beckham Jr
Broderick Booker
Brian Clark
Lori Coberley
Corey Cooke
Jason Davidson
Christopher Deiss
Robert Devillier
Kevin Douglas
Phillip Frey
Anthony Frisina
Max Fruchtnicht

Melissa Garcia
Christopher Grier
Lindsay Hall
Tyler Hall
Stephanie Holman
Erika Holmes
David Kelman
Robert Kortlang Jr
Brian Kovacs
Luis Macias
Nurahda Manning
Willie Mayes Jr
Matthew McCord

Enrique Rupert
Daniel Savage
Mandy Sherman
Carol Shipman
Mackenzie Smith
Richard Stein
Charles Sullivent
Viola Thierry
Aaron Utley
Erin Vasquez
Ashley Whapham

Employees with 5 Years of Service

Michael Aldrich
Brandy Alexander
Joshua Averitt
Michael Boatman
Jennifer Bolton
Joshuah Boone
Christopher Campbell
Tim Cannon
Douglas Carr
Alyssa Childers
Samson Clark
Clayton Colson
Colleen Connelly
Kassandra Covington
Sean Cyr
Colleen Davies
Benjamin Davis
Hector Del Castillo Jr
Dudley Diuguid
Alexis Douglass

Jordan Drastata
Marcus Duval Jr
Rocio Espinoza
Connie Garcia
Scott Grap
Donna Greenan
Cynthia Hitchcock
James Hulse
Bailey Isaacks
Amber Ivey
Lillian Jimenez
Luis Jimenez
Nicholas Kallaher
Lee Knudsen
Joshua Leal
Octavio Lopez Jr
Christina Lumpkin
Lane Lumpkin
Alicia Madsen
Jace Mast

Mac McKelvy
Courtney Milo
Andrew Morgan
Asher Pasechnick
Deborah Phalen
Austin Porter
Marcie Ransom
Michael Sample Jr
Armando Sauceda
James Sprayberry
Carlos Tavarez
Shea Thierry
Donna Vallie
Angela Voss
Sandi Walker
Stephen Walker
Kody Wall
Savannah Wroski
Sandra Yoakley




Executive Division 
Headed by Captain Mac McKelvy
Mandy Sherman, Dispatch Supervisor
Nathan Kern, Deputy-Specialist
Nicole Homman, Supervisor

Criminal Investigations Division

Headed by Captain Dan Norris
Kayla Mosely, Property Evidence Tech

Jail Division

Headed by Major Andrew Eason
Collin Snowden, Civilian Detention Sergeant

Law Enforcement Services Division
Headed by Captain Jimmy Malmay
Cory Redden, Fleet Mechanic III
Jason Turner, Maintenance Technician III
Felix Quinteros, Technician III

Patrol East Division

Headed by Captain Melvin Franklin
Joshuah Boone, Detective
Troy Moseley, Detective

Patrol West Division
Headed by Captain Kenneth Dunlap
Zachariah Ziese, Detective
Christopher Hodge, Deputy


Community Action Partner Award
TDC Officer Jonathan Vogler

On February 26, 2023, a jail inmate was receiving medical treatment at a local hospital when the inmate attempted to escape. Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office staff began chasing the inmate. TDCJ Correctional Officer Jonathan Vogler observed the escape in progress and immediately went to assist our officers. A fight ensued, and the inmate grabbed and fired a Taser during the struggle. With Officer Vogler’s assistance, MCSO staff were able to subdue the escapee and successfully take the inmate back into custody. Thank you, Officer Vogler, for your bravery, swift action, and selfless service.

Community Action Partner Award
LC “Buddy” & Pam Hester

Buddy and Pam Hester have regularly provided the District 4 Substation deputies with food and other special treats for several years. This thoughtful couple will drop off food, beverages, snacks, fresh fruit, cakes, cookies and more. This lovely couple provide all these items out of the goodness of their hearts and respect for law enforcement and our MSCO deputies.

Community Action Partner Award
The Woodlands Firefighters Foundation

The Woodlands Firefighters Foundation dedicates itself to supporting fellow first responders to seek mental health care, regardless of an individual’s agency affiliation or ability to pay.
When a law enforcement officer suffers from an emotional injury in the line of duty, and there is evidence of financial hardship, The Woodlands Firefighters Foundation helps individuals receive mental health care to recover from their trauma and remain firm in their first responder role.
At least 3 MCSO employees have benefited from this financial generosity and support, and The Woodlands Firefighters Foundation continues to extend their generous offer and provide for additional MCSO deputies and employees in need.

Professional Award
Deputy Nicholas Kallaher, Detective Burt Taylor, Detective Brandon Bartoskewitz,
Sergeant Brad Curtis, Lieutenant Scott Spencer, Lieutenant Jermaine Jenkins, & Lieutenant John Schmitt

In July of 2022 The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office was called to assist the Magnolia Police Department on an officer involved shooting investigation.
From the desk of Chief Kyle Montgomery: As far as I know, this is the first officer-involved shooting that Magnolia PD has ever had, and it was the first time I personally was involved in the start-to-finish process. It would be easy to simplify it mentally if I had been through one before, but it was an extremely daunting task. The point of this letter is to bring to your attention the members of your agency that made my life so much easier that night.
I was highly impressed with the MCSO deputies on scene; they didn’t hesitate to begin lifesaving measures once the suspect was in custody. More than one deputy immediately went to their vehicles to retrieve medical supplies and began to render aid on the suspect. They were so quick and efficient that we didn’t need to do anything, but be ready to give them a hand if needed. In an era where agencies often pawn off responsibilities, your deputies never viewed it as a ‘Magnolia PD call.’ I hope that my officers will handle a similar situation the same way and learn from MCSO deputies’ example.
As I stated earlier, this was my first time, and I still needed to learn what to expect and how to handle certain things. Sergeant Curtis from Homicide went above and beyond to explain how their process would work and what they would need from me. Throughout the almost 9 hours on scene, anything that I needed or any questions that I had, Sergeant Curtis was available and was a tremendous help to me. I’m incredibly grateful that I had him as a resource that night. When Lieutenant Jenkins and Lieutenant Schmitt arrived, I utilized them for the more administrative questions. They also went out of their way to help make my job easier. I knew they were a wealth of knowledge, and knowing they would be there to help me was a good feeling.
Another area for personal improvement is media relations. I had never given an on-camera media release before, and I was apprehensive about making an officer-involved shooting my camera debut. However, Lieutenant Spencer made it clear that he was there to assist me in any way, and he also went above and beyond to help. Not only did Lieutenant Spencer assist me with writing my first media release, but he also walked me through his thought process on the scene and gave me insights from his PIO experiences, helping me that night and in the future.
Everyone on that scene was highly professional and efficient. I would have been very proud if these had been my guys. We wouldn’t have been able to work this scene without the assistance of MCSO, so I’m genuinely grateful to your agency.

Combat Cross
Deputy Nicholas Kallaher

In reference to the same scene mentioned just moments ago: Deputy Nicholas Kallaher is receiving the Combat Cross. On the evening of July 15, 2022, Deputy Nicholas Kallaher was dispatched to assist Magnolia Police Department with a call involving a male holding a shotgun in the doorway of a hotel. Upon arrival, Deputy Kallaher linked up with Magnolia Police Officers who were attempting to negotiate with the suspect. The suspect then raised his shotgun and pointed it at Deputy Kallaher and his fellow officers. Deputy Kallaher used swift action to engage the suspect with his firearm, striking the suspect thus ending the volatile standoff. Deputy Kallaher acted with bravery in the face of a potentially deadly situation and protected the lives of his fellow officers and the public.

Professional Award
Detective Burdette Taylor

On September 21 2021 Detective Taylor reported to the scene of a deceased juvenile male in the grassy park area in a local neighborhood. The male’s identity was unknown, and the circumstances around his death were undetermined. Detective Taylor led the entire Homicide & Violent Crimes Unit in investigating this tragic death. This was Detective Taylor’s first experience being the lead detective on a Homicide since joining the unit in June of 2021.
Detective Taylor was required to leverage the abilities of the entire unit and multiple other units to support his investigation, including the Crime Scene Unit, the SWAT team, Detectives from the Special Victims Unit, and numerous other assets to solve this case. Detective Taylor completed an exceptionally detailed case file, including 115 supplement reports, 137 file attachments, and a year’s worth of documented follow-up investigation. Detective Taylor remained focused on the end goal as he continued his work. Detective Taylor’s investigative effort resulted in the arrest of a suspect for Capital Murder. This case is scheduled for trial in April 2023.
Again in August of 2022, Detective Taylor made the scene of a complex murder involving a criminal gang. This was even more complex than the Capital Murder mentioned above. Detective Taylor was again required to leverage the collective experience of the entire Homicide & Violent Crimes Unit and most of the Crime Scene Unit, the SWAT team, and many other officers to solve this case. Detective Taylor made multiple arrests in this case, including the shooter for murder. This case tested Detective Taylor’s organizational abilities and investigative thoroughness. Many parties and suspects were involved, all active members in the gang.
Detective Taylor has an excellent interview style. He readily puts the person being interviewed at ease as he works with them to navigate through his account of the incident. The agency should model Detective Taylor’s interview approach. Detective Taylor is well on his way to becoming an excellent Homicide Investigator and leader in his agency and community.

Professional Award
Detention Officer Benjamin Bonito, Detention Officer John Polkinghorn, & Detention Officer Oscar Vazquez

On December 2, 2022, Detention Officers Bonito, Polkinghorn, and Vazquez escorted an incoming prisoner with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities to the main infirmary. These officers were observed reassuring the incoming prisoner when he was unsure of his surroundings and repeatedly checking his comfort level while medical staff dressed his wounds. The officers continuously engaged the incoming prisoner in positive conversations to keep him calm, discussing everything from PlayStation games to what cookies he likes to eat. The officers were patient and kind and displayed compassion beyond the required task.

Professional Award
Detective Tony Madison

In May 2022, Detective Tony Madison was assigned a complex Sexual Assault case. On May 30, 2022, MCSO personnel recovered the victim’s phone from a female witness, who explained that an unknown white male had sold it to her for $250.00.
The victim and witness were hesitant to come forward to assist, but he continued to passionately explain to her that her assistance would be invaluable in helping the victim have closure and obtain justice for the heinous act. At last, the witness agreed to speak with Detective Madison and she identified the suspect. Additionally, evidence collected confirmed the suspect’s DNA.
In the subsequent arrest, Detective Madison learned several of the victim’s items were found in the suspect’s possession months later. Detective Madison determined that while burglarizing the victim’s vehicle, the suspect sexually assaulted the victim due to her incapacitated state.
Detective Madison tirelessly attempted over three months to contact the victim and inform her that she was, in fact, a victim of sexual assault; however, the victim would not return his messages. The victim finally contacted Detective Madison and explained she needed time to process and accept the fact before making contact with him. The victim stated she was grateful that Detective Madison pursued his investigative leads, leading to an arrest, even though she hesitated to contact him.
Detective Tony Madison consistently displays professionalism and compassion toward his victims, which exemplify Sheriff Henderson’s mission and goals of wanting to make our community safer and stop crime and the fear of crime from further occurring.

Compassionate Award
Deputy Adam Smith & Deputy Kenneth Talley

On December 5, 2022, Deputy Adam Smith and Deputy Kenneth Talley assisted in a family violence investigation. The suspect who fled the scene was a US Army veteran in crisis. Deputy Talley and Deputy Smith made contact with the veteran, and they showed tremendous professionalism and compassion using their shared service (Deputy Talley with the US Navy and Deputy Smith with the US Marine Corps) to connect with the veteran. Their connection and display of understanding towards the veteran allowed him to be placed into custody without incident and also helped him get onto the path for proper assistance.

Compassionate Award
Deputy Daniel Cox & Deputy Edward Robinson

On February 24, 2022, Deputy Cox and Deputy Robinson responded to a welfare check with a suicidal male. Deputy Cox advised he located a 46-year-old male wearing his class A Army uniform with a gun to his head. The man told the deputies he was diagnosed with cancer, was not strong enough to go on, and was going to kill himself. The deputies used their previous military experience to build rapport which convinced the male to put the gun down. After two hours of conversation and a pot of coffee, the veteran in crisis agreed to seek help. Rather than just sending him on an Emergency Detention Order, Deputy Cox and Deputy Robinson wanted to help this man to ensure he didn’t become a recurring patient. Since then, the deputies and the army veteran have become friends, speak on a first-name basis, and check on each other regularly.
The army veteran and his family have told the deputies that they saved his life and is grateful to them. Though the Army veteran’s cancer prognosis is bleak, stating he only has about a year to live, thanks to Deputies Cox and Robinson, he has had a few extra years of life for himself and his kids.
Deputies Cox and Robinson went above the call of duty. These Deputies’ prior military service to our country resonated with the veteran and impacted his life for good. Their actions are a fantastic representation of the Sheriff’s promise to the public of a compassionate police force for their community.

Compassionate Award
Deputy Adam Spring

On December 9, 2022, around 2:15 in the afternoon deputy Spring came upon a driver with a lost load of 44 sheets of lumber. Upon making contact with the driver Deputy Spring immediately went into action and told the driver “Come on… let’s get after it.” And began reloading the trailer himself. Seeing Deputy Spring loading the lumber, several good Samaritans stopped and began to help as well.
Mr. Green expressed his sincere gratitude towards Deputy Spring stating the following: “he was so hot and sweaty in full uniform, but he never stopped working and he still told me to have a good day! Some others might have stayed in their patrol car, and just watched until the end of the cleanup, but not Deputy Spring! What a fine young man.” Thank you again to one of our extraordinary heroes, Deputy Adam Spring. – Bill Green

Compassionate Award
Deputy Savouth Uch

At approximately 0515 hours on March 2, 2023, two of the emergency room nurses approached me with concerned faces and a special request. They informed me they had a fading patient that would likely not live much longer. The family had requested a final prayer for this patient. Hospital staff informed me they had been unable to reach the hospital’s chaplain and were afraid that this last request would not be satisfied. The employees knowing of Deputy Uch’s strong faith, asked him if he could fulfill this last request. Deputy Uch did not hesitate and quickly made his way to the patient’s room.
The patient was still alive, but appeared to no longer be alert. Deputy Uch quietly approached the patient’s bedside and introduced himself, calling him by name. Then, in the presence of eight healthcare professionals and myself, Deputy Uch delivered a beautiful and moving prayer for the patient, bringing several to tears. Unfortunately, the patient passed minutes later.
Many see the law enforcement career as a calling to serve others. Regularly, the focal point of this call is to provide safety and protection for the members of our community. However, Deputy Uch went beyond this call in a very extraordinary way. By satisfying a family’s last request for their beloved, he provided absolute comfort for a dying man.

Unit Citation
Captain Daniel Norris, Lieutenant Scott Spencer, Sergeant Charles Sullivent, Sergeant Phillip Viands,
Detective Tom Gannucci, Detective Jeromy Howze, Detective Fadi Rizk, Specialist Steve Squier, & Melissa Garcia

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Museum and 185th Anniversary committee was created in October of 2021 due to numerous ideas and requests to centralize the memorabilia of our agency. Sheriff Henderson charged this committee to come up with the best way to show case our valued history to our employees and to the public.
From the committee’s beginnings, it was obvious that those involved were self-motivated, dedicated and excited to be a part of something that would eventually leave a positive legacy for our agency. The committee then began working tirelessly, visiting other museums, looking at artwork, and creating layouts for the museum, badge, and coin designs. In addition, the committee brought in internal and external entities to help develop products and museum finishes.
After just a few meetings the committee had developed prototypes, leading to final products and design approvals, which led to the development of a unique and historical badge and coin that our sworn officers and employees could display and wear.
The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Museum collection also continued to grow during the museum’s development. Finally, in December 2022, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Museum was ready for a soft opening, and the historical badge was authorized to wear.
With great pride, we honor and recognize this team of dedicated employees for designing and creating the Official Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Museum, Historical badge, and coin. These creations will deepen the understanding of our past and present law enforcement professionals who dedicated their career to the service of Montgomery County citizens.

Life Saving Award
Deputy Thomas Porter & Deputy Bryan Gomez

On December 3, 2022, a citizen that had pulled over to the emergency lane, flagged down two approaching patrol units. Upon contact, our deputies learned that the man’s 10-year-old daughter had a severe allergic reaction and required immediate medical assistance. Deputies Thomas Porter and Bryan Gomez escorted the family to a nearby Fire Station where Paramedics attended to his daughter and transported her to Methodist Hospital. Later, the father advised that his daughter was in stable condition and he conveyed his appreciation for both deputies’ actions as they likely saved her life.

Life Saving Award
Deputy Susana Ochoa

On Friday, March 3, 2023, MCSO Communications advised of a priority two welfare check. The caller reported that a violent 19-year-old male was possibly overdosing on cocaine, had cuts on his wrists, and was locked out for being belligerent. The male then became unresponsive and the caller believed he was dying.
Deputy Susana Ochoa was nearby and was first on the scene just minutes later. Deputy Ochoa successfully utilized her Narcan approximately one minute after arriving and noticed the male stopped breathing, initiated CPR, and cleared in EMS.
Another deputy arrived and witnessed Deputy Ochoa already conducting CPR. Occasionally, the male took a deep breath and then stopped breathing. When he would breath, Deputy Ochoa ceased CPR and began talking to the male, attempting to keep him alert until he stopped breathing again, at which point she continued CPR. This cycle repeated itself multiple times until the male became more and more responsive to the point that he felt abandoned and wanted to die. During the CPR, Deputy Ochoa instructed the other deputy to hold the male’s head at an angle, allowing him to breathe better and lessening the time between his occasional big breaths and responsiveness.
During the CPR, Deputy Ochoa was very calm and poised and de-escalated the friends of the unresponsive male until EMS arrived and took over.
Deputy Ochoa’s administration of Narcan and lifesaving use of CPR directly resulted in a suicidal, unresponsive male being taken to the hospital in stable condition.

Life Saving Award
Sergeant Tyler Hall

On March 11, 2023, MCSO received a 911 call from a female about an assault with a knife (Family Violence). MCSO Dispatch advised that the female claimed a disturbance involving her children in the form of a verbal altercation. MCSO Dispatch could hear an argument in the background. During the conflict, the woman kept making comments to send units before she had to kill her daughter. She then placed the phone down and would not respond to MCSO Dispatch. After several minutes, the woman returned to the phone and advised Dispatch that she had stabbed her daughter in the leg. The woman urged Dispatch to hurry the units before her daughter died from blood loss.
Sergeant Tyler Hall was the first unit on the scene by himself. Sergeant Hall immediately located and detained the woman and secured the weapon, allowing him to provide the much-needed medical treatment to the daughter. Sergeant Hall quickly and correctly applied a tourniquet to the daughter and instructed other people on location to help apply pressure to the wound to prevent further blood loss. Fire and EMS arrived shortly after and took control of the patient. Over the next 24 hours, medical staff advised that the woman had stabbed her daughter’s femoral artery, and her leg was unfortunately amputated.
Detectives spoke with Medic #10, later in the investigation and who stated that she was on the scene the night of the incident. She reported that Sergeant Hall’s application of the tourniquet was vital in saving the daughter’s life and commended his heroic actions.

Life Saving Award
Deputy Brandon Franklin, Deputy Shawn Yates, Deputy Luke Pickard,
Deputy James Hinkel, & Sergeant Johnathon Walker

Combat Cross

Deputy Brandon Franklin, Deputy Shawn Yates, & Deputy Luke Pickard

On September 26, 2022, Deputies Brandon Franklin, Shawn Yates, Luke Pickard, and James Hinkel responded to an in-progress family violence call in Magnolia, Texas. While enroute to the call, MCSO dispatch advised Deputies that a female at this location was arguing with her husband, who just had shot her with a pellet gun. When Deputies arrived, they observed a white male standing on the front porch holding a rifle. Deputies exited their patrol vehicles and took positions behind cover while holding the subject at gunpoint.
Deputies advised the subject to put the rifle down and tried to establish a rapport. However, the subject’s behavior remained erratic and non-compliant. Deputies continued de-escalation techniques to calm the subject down. Suddenly and without reason, the male raised the rifle and pointed it toward the Deputies. Deputies Franklin, Yates, and Pickard discharged their firearms, striking the subject multiple times until the subject dropped the rifle and fell to the ground. Without hesitation the four Deputies, now joined by Sergeant Johnathan Walker, immediately ran to the subject and began providing lifesaving measures. The subject was transported to the hospital and survived the shooting.
All four Deputies exemplified the highest standards of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office by showing compassion and heroism when faced with imminent personal injury or loss of life with an armed adversary.

Meritorious Service Award
Detective Fadi Rizk

Detective Fadi Rizk is receiving the Meritorious Service award for his dedication and continued efforts in the MCSO Cold Case Division. Having served in the Cold Case Unit for only a few years, Detective Rizk’s dedication and tenacity has led to the closure of two cold cases giving the families the closure they have needed in decades-old cases.
In the first case, Detective Rizk found DNA extract tubes in the MCSO property room related to the rape and murder of a 12-year-old girl in 1979. The lab was unable to pull any DNA from the samples, so Detective Rizk continued working on the case and months later was able to get a viable DNA sample from the victim’s clothing using new DNA technologies with the help of the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office. The DNA profile was able to determine the clothing contained a mixture of two individuals’ DNA, one of which was a match in CODIS for a Person of Interest in the original case.
Detective Rizk found that the suspect had already been executed by lethal injection for a conviction on a 1989 Capital Murder case in Montgomery County, and no DNA sample was available.
Detective Rizk didn’t settle with the CODIS hit even though the offender was deceased, and he continued to attempt to locate a DNA profile for the suspect even though it didn’t seem possible. Finally, Detective Rizk found DNA from a capital murder case. Detective Rizk confirmed through DPS that the original suspect was a positive match for the DNA sample in the 1979 case.
Detective Rizk cleared one of the oldest Cold Case Homicides in the Sheriff’s Office with an exceptional clearance due to the offender’s death.
The second case was a 37-year-old missing person investigation where a skull and clothing were found in 1988. The bones were never identified. Detective Rizk inherited the case on July 2021 and began sifting through previous reports and resubmitting DNA evidence. Rizk also noted that the case was missing from the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs). In December 2021, Rizk received a possible match for Charles Wane Dodd, who had been missing since 1985. Detective Rizk noticed that Mr. Dodd was mistakenly removed from NCIC/TCIC in 1988 during the recovery of his vehicle, rendering him indiscoverable in any John Doe remains. Rizk then researched extensively, obtained the original reports from Houston PD and Dallas PD surrounding Mr. Dodd, and re-entered him in NCIC/TCIC. In December 2021, examiners confirmed that the John Doe skull was that of Charles Wane Dodd. After notifying the family, Detective Rizk set out to find the rest of Mr. Dodd’s remains. In May 2022, Detective Rizk found the rest of Mr. Dodd’s remains, and the family could finally have a proper burial for their loved one.
Thank you Detective Rizk for bringing closure to the families and showing our community that although investigations are often limited by technologies available at the time- the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office will never stop striving to bring justice to those in need.

PACT Award of Excellence
Recruiting Specialist Brian Lennon

Specialist Lennon has been assigned to the Recruiting Division for 12 years and continues to receive “Exceeds Expectations” on his annual Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office evaluations. In addition, his supervisors have received both phone calls and personal verbal statements from school administrators, event coordinators, and others about how personable and professional he is as he interacts with others.
Specialist Brian Lennon has developed a quiet yet powerful passion for blending his love of law enforcement with a strong desire to see young adults succeed. As a result, he has developed close connections with school administrators, college officials, military leaders, and others who oversee potential applicants. The trust Specialist Lennon has garnished with these officials allows him fluid opportunities to meet with young people and present the opportunities and benefits of working for the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. In making contact with young adults, he has an innate ability to speak about career possibilities and often discovers areas of the person’s life that might be less than desirable. More importantly, he engages in conversations about “life” and offers thoughts and ideas to those struggling with personal issues. Quote from applicant: “Lennon just didn’t tell me about MCSO; he motivated me to do better in school, get along with my parents, stop making bad choices, and so on.” Specialist Lennon’s heart for seeing young people of all social, economic, and geographical levels move forward is no secret to the Recruiting Unit. His peers recognize how he goes “above and beyond” in speaking to young applicants to better themselves.
Specialist Lennon attends numerous recruiting events where he speaks to young men and women “off to the side” about life matters. Many have commented on their appreciation of his concern for their future. These interactions by Brian Lennon are natural to him, most likely unaware of his extraordinary impact on others.
Specialist Lennon is in contact with employee applicants daily. While there is no matrix to measure the young people who did not get into trouble, fight with their parents, or succeed better in school, the mission of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office advances through his quiet and reserved interactions. His natural connection with his contacts and interviews motivates his peers to “connect” with people more meaningfully. For many years, Specialist Lennon has had a significant, positive impact on the general population of our community and, without a doubt, exceeds the normal expectations of job performance.

PACT Award of Excellence
Captain Dan Norris

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office would like to recognize and thank Captain Daniel Norris for his exemplary and dedicated service to the citizens of Montgomery County for the past thirty-nine years. Captain Norris began his law enforcement career with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office in April 1984 as a reserve patrol deputy. He worked in that capacity unpaid for just over two years until April 1986, when he became a full-time paid employee. Throughout his storied career, Captain Norris has worked in nearly every division of the Sheriff’s Office. His career includes tenure as a Patrol Deputy, Detective, Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Captain. Although he began law enforcement on patrol, Captain Norris quickly found himself in the Criminal Investigations Division in the late 1980s, working criminal cases and then as a supervisor and mentor in that division. Throughout the years, Captain Norris has investigated every type of crime, from Criminal Mischief cases to Capital Murders. Captain Norris served in so many distinguished roles including: Public Information Officer (PIO) for the agency, Recruiting Supervisor, Citizen’s Academy Instructor, Reserve Officers Program, Negotiators, Homicide/Violent Crime, Special Victims Unit, Internal Affairs, Narcotics, Organized Crime, and the Crime Lab, to name a few. It is by no coincidence that Captain Norris has been the current head of the Criminal Investigations Division for the past four years.
Throughout his career, Captain Norris has been recognized multiple times for his excellence in providing law enforcement service, including being honored with several academic recognition awards. He holds not only a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and a Master of Science in Criminal Justice Leadership & Management from Sam Houston State University, but he is also a graduate of the Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT) Leadership Command College (LCC/GMI-28) and the FBI National Academy (NA-207th Session). Additionally, Captain Norris has held a law enforcement instructor certificate since 1996, a Master Peace Officer license since 1999, and has also served as an Adjunct Professor at Sam Houston State University.
Captain Norris is known for doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. He doesn’t look for praise, although he certainly deserves it, because he is humble and quickly becomes embarrassed by personal commendations and accolades.
Captain Norris is one of the most respected and honorable individuals at the Sheriff’s Office. We are so blessed to work beside him every day. We know of no one who deserves this award as much as Captain Norris. Even as a devoted, loving, and faithful husband to his bride, Brandy, and doting father to Misty and Heather and their own young families, Captain Norris has dedicated his life’s work to the faithful and selfless service of others, and in doing so, has demonstrated that he is worthy of this prestigious award.