The Woodlands Township Contract

For Immediate Release
July 5, 2017

On June 28th, 2017, Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson was in attendance of The Woodlands Township Board of Directors Meeting to address the newly revised 2017 Interlocal Agreement between the The Woodlands Township and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office for the provision of Law Enforcement services. After a concerted effort through The Woodlands Township, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, and the Montgomery County Attorney’s Office, a smart – fiscally responsible plan was crafted.

The agreed upon revisions, well received by the Board of Directors, include a reduction in contract deputy positions funded by The Woodlands Township and the movement of several positions including leadership staff, such as the Captain and Lieutenant, into the Sheriff’s Office budget. Sheriff Henderson believes that the command and control function of law enforcement services is a duty of his office and not the responsibility of The Woodlands residents to fund.

It is telling that Chairman Gordy Bunch stated his appreciation of “the proactive approach to law enforcement and our community,” and, most importantly honoring Sheriff Henderson for being a “man of (his) word,” in delivering on a promise. Additionally, The Woodlands Township Board of Directors pledged their commitment to this new contract by recommending to extend the terms of the agreement to 180 days of advanced written notice of termination in order to reduce the chance of a “knee-jerk reaction” being meted out that would place both the public and deputies responsible for their safety in uncertainty.

Sheriff Henderson comments, “we are pleased with this revised agreement and it, in every way, provides the highest levels of service while mandating responsible use of tax payer dollars.” Sheriff Henderson continues, “I am proud of the work that our men and women do every day in The Township. Many of the programs and anti-crime initiatives that we have implemented there have served as a model for the rest of the County and I look forward to the exciting things that we are doing today to prepare for the challenges that The Township will face tomorrow.”

Information Source
Lieutenant Scott Spencer
Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office
Executive Division

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