Motors Unit

Motors Traffic Unit

This unit which consists of four Deputies and one Sergeant. All of the Motorcycle Deputies are required to attend an extensive, two week motorcycle police school taught by Northwestern University. The motorcycles utilized by the Sheriff’s Office are 2010 Harley-Davidson, Police Packaged Road Kings. The motorcycles are equipped with 103 cubic inch engines, ABS brakes, LED lights, siren and Stalker Dual radars, with same lane capabilities. Also, the Traffic Deputies are issued hand held laser radars, and hand held Doppler radars.

The duties of the Motorcycle Traffic Unit are enforcing all traffic law in high-frequency locations, vehicle crash investigation, commercial motor vehicle enforcement, and assisting disabled motorist. AAlso, motorcycle deputies are used to assist in traffic control at major incidents where a crash or some other major event has significantly impacted traffic flow in a given area. On a daily basis, these deputies are assigned to work any given area throughout the unincorporated county. 

You may contact a member of the Motorcycle Traffic Unit using the following information:

Motors PatchThe Motorcycle Traffic Office
Sgt. Eric Hoffman
#1 Criminal Justice Dr.

Conroe, Texas 77301
(936) 538-3465