Livestock Unit



33438 Dobbin Huffsmith Rd
Magnolia, TX 77354
Livestock Office Phone
(936) 788-8391 
E-Mail Address


The Montgomery County Livestock Unit is comprised of one sergeant and four deputies.  This five-person unit is responsible for detaining loose livestock and the investigation of livestock cruelty throughout Montgomery County. 

Livestock is defined as pigs, horses, cows, exotic deer, and exotic fowl.  All livestock animals impounded must be held for eighteen days unless the owner comes forward and claims it.  At the expiration of the 18 days, the livestock can only be sold at auction or donated to a non-profit animal rescue organization.  Per state law, we cannot sell or donate animals to individuals. The livestock office and impound are located at 33438 Dobbin Huffsmith Road, Magnolia, Texas 77354. Estrays will be held at this impound unless otherwise stated.

In 2018, approximately 155 loose livestock animals were impounded and numerous others were seized or surrendered during cruelty investigations.  The Livestock Unit works closely with the Houston SPCA during our criminal investigations.  Typically the HSPCA will take custody of the sick or injured animals at the time of the seizure and transport them to their facility. 

If you see livestock running loose contact the Sheriff's Office non-emergency line to report the location of the animal.  All loose livestock must be reported to the Sheriff, keeping the animal or transferring it to someone else could be considered theft


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