Patrol East Division is currently headed by Captain Melvin Franklin.
This division is made of three districts, also called precincts and a Livestock Unit. 

District 1

District One encompasses approximately 402 square miles and is bound to the North by Walker County, South by the San Jacinto River, Southeast from a line through Magnolia Bend, Grangerland, FM 2090/Crockett Martin Rd. down to SH 105 E. extending east to San Jacinto County and West to IH45.Geographically, District One is located in the Northeastern portion of Montgomery County. Deputies assigned to this District are the primary responders to calls for service in the unincorporated areas. District One is as vast in size as it is diversified. This District includes areas ranging from rural farm properties, suburban neighborhoods to a densely populated urban city atmosphere.Major thoroughfares through this District are IH 45, US 75, East Loop 336, SH 105, FM 1097, FM 830, FM 2090 and FM 2432, FM 1484, FM 1485, FM 1314 and FM 3083. District One is comprised of three incorporated cities, Conroe (county seat), Willis, Cut and Shoot and two unincorporated towns, Grangerland and Security. Schools located within this District are operated by Conroe ISD and Willis ISD. The District office is located at 100 North Loop 336 E. in Conroe, one block away from the Sheriff’s Office Criminal Justice Center and jail located at #1 Criminal Justice Dr.

Patrol staffing includes  one lieutenant, twenty three deputies, four sergeants and one secretary. The Livestock Unit is managed and operates from the same facility and includes one sergeant and four deputies. The Criminal Investigation Division also has two detectives assigned to this office. 

The current population in District One is approximately 126,775. The Patrol Deputy to population ratio within District One is 1/4695. In 2016 Deputies responded to 25, 473 calls for service, performed 308 sex offender compliance checks, made 484 arrests, issued 2068 citations and wrote 2,666 criminal offense reports.

Special Project and Assignments:
Community Resource Officer 
Sex Offender Compliance Coordinator 
District Field Training Coordinator 
Traffic Trailer Coordinator
Pool Car Coordinator
Vacation Watch Coordinator

If you have any questions in reference to any aspects of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, or the District I Patrol Division, please contact the following:

Michael Landrum
100 North Loop 336 East
Conroe, Tx 77301

District 2

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s office District II Patrol Division is responsible for all patrol duties assigned by Sheriff Rand Henderson, in the unincorporated portion of South Montgomery County. The District II Patrol area surrounds District 6, (The Woodlands Township). District II borders Harris County along the South side of the Montgomery County line, borders District 3 along the San Jacinto River, up to the Conroe City Limit, and then runs west bordering the District 4 and District 5 lines, in Magnolia, past FM 1488 and FM 2978. Currently assigned to the District 2 Patrol Division is one Lieutenant, two Sergeants, three Sergeants, eighteen Deputies and two secretaries. In addition there is one Sergeant and four contract deputies assigned to the South Montgomery County Municipal Utility District who all operate out of the same offices.

District II Deputies ran a total of 25,861 calls for service, took 2,294 reports, issued 1,973 traffic or class “C” citations and traveled over 487,960 miles in patrol vehicles in the 2013 year. District II adopts a, “can do”, attitude, working with the community, homeowners, and businesses, to solve law enforcement problems within the county. The District II staff is committed to using the resources available, not only to respond to calls for service, but to take a pro-active stance against criminal activity, in South Montgomery County, preventing crime before they occur, or taking action against law violators as crimes are being committed.

If you have any questions in reference to any aspects of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, or the District II Patrol Division, please contact the following:

Lieutenant Scott Altemus
1300 Riley Fuzzel Rd
Spring, TX 77386

District 3

District III encompasses approximately 290 square miles and its boundaries are: State Hwy 105 east of Loop 336 to the North, Harris County to the South, Liberty County to the East and the San Jacinto River to the West. Geographically, District III is the Southeastern portion of Montgomery County. District III deputies are the primary responders to calls for service in the unincorporated areas. District III provides a community based policing approach with deputies continuously striving to increase their knowledge of the patrol area and the residents. District III deputies adhere to the proactive concepts of patrol and are encouraged to get out of their patrol cars and interact with residents, businesses, schools, and community organizations. District III deputies are active in a zero tolerance approach to the criminal element. These concepts have greatly enhanced the relationships between the community and the department. Deputies occasionally assist the incorporated areas of District III when calls for service backlog in their jurisdiction.

Lieutenant Joseph Senn is the District III Commander. Staffing includes: twenty-nine deputies, six sergeants, and one secretary.

Located within the District III boundaries are three school districts: Splendora I.S.D., Conroe I.S.D., and the New Caney I.S.D. There are five incorporated areas located within the District III boundaries: the City of Splendora; the City of Woodbranch; the City of Patton Village; the City of Roman Forest; and the City of Houston.

The Montgomery County Annex serves as the patrol office for District III Patrol and for detectives assigned to the Criminal Investigative Division of the Sheriff’s Office.

You may contact the District III Office using the following:

Montgomery County Annex
Lieutenant Joseph Senn
21130 US Hwy 59, Suite B,
New Caney, Texas 77357
281-577-8971 or 936-521-8971