Captain Jimmy Malmay

Captain Malmay currently oversees the Criminal Investigative Division and provides a general guidance concerning policies, objectives, and mission priorities that consists of six major operational divisions; Homicide Violent Crimes, Crime Lab, Organized Crime Unit, Gang Intelligence Unit, Montgomery County Narcotics Enforcement Team, Cold Case, and Special Victims Unit at Safe Harbor. Captain Malmay has served the Montgomery County Sheriff’s office since 1986 and has held several positions that include, Reserve Officer, Jail Deputy, Patrol Deputy, Task Force Deputy, Detective, Internal Affairs Sergeant, Patrol Sergeant, and Detention Lieutenant. His professional background has prepared him to develop policy positions and/or directive actions for issuance to Directorates to ensure implementation of highly special undercover operations, intelligence analysis, high profile cases, and other actions emanating from the Chief and Sheriff. He is a graduate of the University of Houston Police Academy, and holds a TCOLE Masters Peace Officer Certificate along with a Master Jailers Proficiency Certificate. His professional Academia includes NJLCA graduate from Sam Houston State University.

In 2013 he received the Meritorious Unit Award from the Woodlands Township for his role as Commander over the Crime Reduction Unit. Under his direction he is responsible for the development and/or implementation of current and long range organizational plans that support the vision and goals of the Montgomery County community. In order to meet the evolving crime trends at the Local, State and Federal level, Captain Malmay manages and facilitates future enhancement of current unit capabilities through briefings of leadership on new concepts that provide command and control to support high level intelligence forecasting as well as integration of level readiness multi service law enforcement resources in carrying out the mission with strategic investigative operations.