Fleet Operations

Fleet Operations, a Staff Support Division of the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, is committed to providing safe and well maintained vehicles for department personnel. Additionally, we pledge to the citizens of this County to use taxpayer funds efficiently and economically in the course of our duties.

Vision Statement

The employees of the Fleet Operations Division are dedicated to staying abreast of the County growth and the ever changing technology in the automotive industry, with skilled, experienced, trained, certified technicians and staff and by utilizing the most current equipment, technology and training available to accomplish this goal.

Past and Present

Fleet Operations moved into its current facility in November of 1987. Personnel included a Shop Manager, one Technician and an Inventory Control position. The number of vehicles in the fleet totaled 125. In 1993 another Technician and a Shop Foreman position were approved. In 1999 an additional Technician was approved. At that time the fleet totaled 250 vehicles. Shop equipment consisted of an Allen Test Diagnostic machine, an inoperative, obsolete Sun Diagnostic machine, a saddle mount tire mounting machine, a headlamp adjusting machine, an antiquated tire balancer, one 3500 lb. lift and an alignment rack and alignment machine. Today the shop boasts two state of the art  Hunter tire mounting machines and balancers, two Bosch brake lathes, a Vetronix PC platform diagnostic machine that also runs Mitchell On Demand, a Worldwide OBD II I/M machine, Ford NGS, a GM MasterTech, and Tech 2 and Tech 1A and a Ford VCM hand held diagnostic scan tools, two transmission flush machines, a refrigerant recovery/recycle machine for 134A, a coolant recycling machine, two carbon clean machines, four 3500 lb. lifts, one Hunter alignment machine and one alignment rack. The shop is plumbed with a automatic oil dispensing system for synthetic oil, automatic transmission fluid, water and a Plymovent exhaust extraction system. In compliance with TCEQ mandates for fuel dispensing, the fuel tanks are monitored by a VeederRoot automatic tank gauging system that reports inventory, temperature, ullage and tank test monitoring history. Fuel dispensing is tracked by the Phoenix 800+ fuel information and key control system. Since 2006 Fleet Operations has added 3-2 post racks to facilitate efficient repairs on the vehicles. Fleet Operations recycles used metal, tires, oil, and batteries.

Fleet Operations Work Order Status (Intranet MCSO Employee Use Only)
The total number of vehicles in the fleet at this time is 657 comprised of:

Marked Vehicles Quantity
Full Size Patrol Vehicles 268
Midsize Patrol Vehicles 3
Special Operations Medium Duty Vans 4
SUV 99
44 Person Inmate Transport Bus 1
Mobile Command Units 4
3/4 Ton Transport Vans 6
Motorcycles 10
All Terrain Vehicles 17
Armored Vehicles 3
Flat bed Tow Truck 1
Unmarked Vehicles:
Full Size Vehicles 59
Mid-Size 6
Compact Vehicle 2
SUV 49
Small SUV 1
Compact Truck 1
Light Truck 33
Med Duty Truck 4
Trailers 30
12 Passenger Van 1
Cargo Van 1
Heavey Equipment 4
Air Boats 2
Jet Boats 2
Un-manned Arial Vehichle 1
Off Road Vehicles 7
Trailer Mounted Generators 6
Generators (portable) 19
Forklift 2
Tractro 1
Lawn Maintenance Equipment (mowers, timmers, saws) 10
Total 657