Property & Evidence

_Evidence Lockers thumbThis unit is staffed with on civilian Supervisor and two civilian Clerks.  They maintain accurate records of all incoming property and evidence, meticulously storing this evidence.  Many pieces of evidence may be submitted to the Department of Public Safety or to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for specialized examination that cannot be performed on the local level.  Once an investigation is complete, property may be returned to the rightful owner, transferred to the Montgomery County Purchasing Agent for auction, or destroyed.  

Retrieving Your Property

If you believe the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office is holding property that belongs to you and you would like the property returned, please follow these steps to help expedite the process:

1) Was the property taken by the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office?  Oftentimes people call looking for property that was retrieved by another law enforcement agency such as the Conroe Police Department or the Montgomery County Constables.  We only house property and evidence collected by the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.

2) Do you have a case number or the name of the detective handling your case?  If so, please contact our Detectives Division.  We will need the authorization from the detective to release your property.

3) If you do not have a case number or the name of your detective and you are sure your property was taken by the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, then you may call us and we will assist you in retrieving your belongings.  Please see our contact page for details.

2017 Facts and Figures:

  • There were 18,695 cases submitted to the property room
  • There were 84,675 individual items submitted as property/evidence
  • A record of each item is entered into a computer to help maintain accurate records of the evidence