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hot or dead

TEXAS HEAT, yes it is hot and going to get hotter.  After all we live in Texas, a hot climate.  The ballistic vests we wear are hot, even though the materials for the vests have come a long way as far as comfort goes, it’s still hot.  What is the key word in this topic, HOT.  No matter what we do as officers, our job is inherently uncomfortable.

The question I pose is not rhetorical, but a question that each of us needs to answer.  Do you want to be hot and uncomfortable or do you want to be dead?  If you do not think it will happen to you refer to the news caption below or go to

“Two officers in Statesville (NC) were “on routine foot patrol” Friday night 6/15/2018, when a subject emerged from the shadows and fired a gun at them from behind. Statesville Police Chief Joe Barone said that Officer Tyler Horn was struck in the back, but Horn’s body armor prevented serious injury. Horn was transported to a nearby hospital, and was released early Saturday morning. The ambush attack remains under investigation as the suspect remains at large." (Fernandez 2018)

Wear your body armor folks.  It's better to be hot than dead. 

 “When a police officer is killed, it's not an agency that loses an officer, it's an entire nation.”
Chris Cosgriff, ODMP Founder


Fernandez, Craig. “North Carolina Officers Survive Ambush Attack.” Arizona State Troopers Association, 18 June 2018,

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