Recruiting Process

The information is provided to the applicant as an overview of the steps involved in the employment process. The applicant must successfully complete each step involved in the process prior to moving on to the next step. Failure to complete each step of the process will result in the termination of the application process. The termination of the application process may occur at any point during the application process. The successful applicant will have progressed through each step and phase to the point of employment.
Phase I

  • Applicant completes the Pre-Application / Employment Interest Form with Montgomery County Human Resource.
  • Initial interview with a Recuiting Specialist.
Phase II

  • Pre-Employment Testing for the position being sought.
  • Applicant given an Employment Application Form.
  • Applicant returns completed employment application with all required paperwork.
  • Review and interview with a Recruiting Specialist.
Phase III

  • Recruiting personnel conducts a background investigation.
  • Polygraph.
  • Interview with the Sheriff.
  • Final approval by the Sheriff and conditional offer of employment extended to the applicant.
Phase IV

  • Conditional Offer of Employment based on the following:
  • Drug Screening / Physical Examination / Psychological Evaluation (if necessary)