Employee Benefits

Montgomery County offers generous benefits to its employees. The below information is an overview of some of the benefits available to the employee.  This is not an all inclusive list and is subject to change without notice.

Paid Leave

  • Vacation Leave - 10 to 25 days per year depending on tenure with Montgomery County.
  • Sick Leave - Up to 10 days per year.
  • Holiday Leave - Set by the Commissioners Court. (Approximately 12 holidays per year.)
  • Funeral Leave - Up to 3 days for immediate family.

  • Retirement plan offered through the Texas County and District Retirement System (mandatory contribution).
  • Optional 457 Retirement Plan (Deferred compensation plan) available.

  • Employee's Health Insurance Plan Provided by Montgomery County.
  • Optional Dental Plan available.
  • Optional Vision Plan available.
  • Optional 125 Plan (used to reduce taxable income) available.
Educational Incentive Pay

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office pays up to $3600.00 per year depending on your Texas Peace Officer Certification issued by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education. Available to qualified personnel upon departmental approval. Benefits are granted at the beginning of the fiscal year.

  • Intermediate $2400.00
  • Advanced $3000.00
  • Master $3600.00