Crime Scene Investigation

All investigators are subject to being called to the scene of a crime twenty-four hours per day.  All supervisors and investigators are capable of thoroughly investigating a crime scene; however, oftentimes a second or third investigator may be called to assist and provide advanced expertise in a certain area of the investigation.  An investigator observes most autopsies involving questionable deaths and homicides.

Facts and Figures:

  • The crime lab has 11 sworn peace officers
  • Crime lab personnel received 1727.5 hours of training in 2015.
Some of the courses taken were:

  • Basic Skeletal death investigation
  • Advanced skeletal death investigation
  • Advanced ridgeology
  • Basic & Advanced Bloodstain analysis
  • Bureau of ATF-Post Blast Investigation Training
  • Latent print photography
  • Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Latent Print Analysis / Crime Scene Reconstruction 1 & 2 / Basic and Advanced Shooting Reconstruction
In addition to everyday duties, the Crime Scene Investigators spent 1,662 hours working 219 crime scenes of various natures.

*The crime scene investigators of the MCSO crime lab are all members of the Texas Division of the International Association for Identification (TDIAI).

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