Automated Fingerprints

The Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) is a computerized fingerprint identification system where the operator is capable of entering, searching, and establishing both ten-print and latent fingerprint identifications.  The search is sent via modem to the Department of Public Safety database in Austin, Texas.  A single fingerprint developed from a crime scene can be searched through the entire database at the state level and a positive identification established.  Tied to AFIS is Live Scan, a computer system that scans the fingerprints of prisoners instead of having to use the traditional ink and paper.  Once the prisoner's fingerprints are scanned, the Live Scan system will automatically transmit the fingerprints, along with other descriptive data, to the Department of Public Safety in Austin.  Live Scan is very useful for positively identifying prisoners who either refuse to divulge their identity or give a fictitious name.
fingerprint comparisons reduced

AFIS has the ability to print out detailed results of the searches it can perform. Above are the results of a match between the fingerprint that we were trying to identify (the print on the left) and the same fingerprint stored in the Texas Department of Pubulic Safety database. This capability greatly enhances the chances of identifying prisoners who refuse to reveal their identities or provide one that is fictitious.