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Montgomery County was the third county created by the Republic of Texas on December 14, 1837.  Montgomery County was named for the newly created town of Montgomery.  When Texas joined the Union in 1845, it was required to change the boundaries of its counties to make them smaller. As a result, Montgomery County was divided into six parts and became the parent county of Grimes, Madison, San Jacinto, Waller and Walker Counties.

The office of sheriff has been provided for under every Texas constitution and supersedes the alguacil of Spanish and Mexican rule.  The Constitution of 1876 provided that a sheriff be elected biennially in each county; the term of office was lengthened to four years by a constitutional amendment in 1954.  The main duties of the sheriff are to act as a conservator of the peace and the executive officer of  the county and district courts, serve writs and processes of the courts, seize property after judgment, enforce traffic laws on county roads, and supervise the county jail and prisoners

Montgomery County Sheriffs

19th Century Sheriffs
  • Joshua Robbins - Ike Griffith
20th Century Sheriffs
  • Maben Alexander Anderson - Guy Williams
21st Century Sheriffs
  • Tommy Gage - Rand Henderson